28 Oct 2015

In memory of Pier Paolo Pasolini forty years after his death

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Forty years after the death of Pier Paolo Pasolini (November 2, 1975), through a collaboration project between the Tuscany Region and the City of Florence, some of the most important city institutions propose a shared program in the desire to remember and rediscover this complex figure of intellectual, poet, playwright, director, writer..

The Museo Novecento dedicates three interdisciplinary events between music, cinema and the analysis of an imaginary strongly linked to the visual arts. Le Murate. Progetti Arte Contemporanea recalls the figure of the poet with a reading of the author’s poems by contemporary poets on November 5 and the Gabinetto Vieusseux will offer high school students the opportunity of a guided tour in the rooms of the Contemporary Archive in Palazzo Corsini Suarez where the Collection of Pasolini’s manuscripts is kept, besides paintings, objects and drawings of the poet. The exhibition at the Museo Novecento begins Wednesday, October 28, with “Pier Paolo Pasolini, the prophetic body. Studies on the style of Bach. Melologo su testo di Pier Paolo Pasolini”, curated by Murmuris and the Multiresidenza Flow del Teatro Cantiere Florida.

This event also opens the exhibition dedicated to Pasolini from the Teatro Cantiere Florida that continues with “MA” by Antonio Latella and his Compagnia Stabilemobile, scheduled for Thursday 29 and Friday 30 October. With “MA”, Latella outlines the figure of the poet of Casarsa through the words, now angry now heartfelt, the beloved mother Susanna, played by Candida Nieri. Finally, Saturday, October 31, Versiliadanza presents “Thoughts and Songs”, a dance event, music and readings dedicated to Pasolini lyricist made in collaboration with theatrical figures of national fame (as Francesca Breschi who for years has worked with Giovanna Marini on the work of Pasolini), young formations and local artists.

Here is the complete calendar of the initiatives dedicated to Pasolini.

Wednesday 28 October, 5.30p.m – (Museo Novecento) Pier Paolo Pasolini, The Prophetic Body.

Studies on the style of Bach. Melologo on text by Pier Paolo Pasolini, curated by Murmuris and the Multiresidenza Flow del Teatro Cantiere Florida

Thursday 29 and Friday 30 October, at 9p.m (Teatro Cantiere Florida) –MA

Dramaturgy Linda Dalisi, directed by Antonio Latella, with Candida Nieri. Production stabemobile – company Antonio Latella

Saturday 31 October, at 9p.m (Teatro Cantiere Florida)- Thoughts and Songs

Curated by Versiliadanza

Monday 2 November , matinée for the high schools – (Cinema Odeon)

La canta delle Marane (Directed by C. Mangini, Subject and screenplay P.P.Pasolini 1961)

Comizi d’amore (Directed by P.P.Pasolini 1965) Reservations required by October 28 (info@quellidellacompagnia.it).

Thursday 5 November, at 5.30p.m (Le Murate. Progetti Arte Contemporanea) – Pasolini: the Poetry and the History

Dialogue between the poets Paolo Maccari and Giacomo Trinci with readings and screenings. It moderates Marco Marchi

Wednesday 11 November, at 5.30p.m (Museo Novecento) –
“La ricotta” by Pasolini: a cursed film?

Meeting with Francesco Galluzzi and film screening. Introduced by Marino Demata, Rive Gauche-ArteCinema

Friday 20 November, at 5.30p.m (Museo Novecento) -“Notes for an african Orestiade” by Pasolini: an unexpected movie

Meeting with Franco Zabagli and film screening. Introduced by Marino Demata, Rive Gauche-ArteCinema

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