15 Mar 2019

Weekend at Museo

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Museo Novecento


Sergio Risaliti

Art Director of Museo Novecento

Cristina dell’Acqua


Cristina Giachi

Vice Mayor of the Municipality of Florence

William John Thomas Mitchell 

American reserarcher, teacher of English and History of Art, Director of journal

From Cristina dell’Acqua’s book, which teaches how to take care of life with the Greek and Latin classics to the meeting with the american researcher William John Thomas Mitchell, who will talk about the social experience over time.

Friday 15 at 6:30 p.m. and Saturday 16 at 5 p.m. two meetings at Museo Novecento’s Cinema Room

Double appointment at Museo Novecento for the third weekend of March. Friday 15 at 6:30 p.m. a new meeting of Guest cycle, that will see, introduced by the Deputy Mayor of Florence, Cristina Giachi, and the Director of the Museo Sergio Risaliti, that will introduce the writer Cristina dell’Acqua, who will present her book “A spa for the soul. How to take care of life with Greek and Latin classics” (Edizioni Mondadori).

“A Spa for the soul” was born from the passion of Cristina dell’Acqua, teacher of Greek and Latin, that has learned, with time, to attend the classics, experimenting them in her own life and in that of her many students. “The books by Seneca, Eschilo, Sofocle, Euripide, Ovidio, Galeno, Quintiliano, Cicerone and Menandro talk to us – explain the author – at any stage of life, on the condition that we listen to them and, within us, we turn them from inaccessible texts into books with therapeutic virtues”. With Aeschylus we learn the bravery of being afraid, with Sophocles the formula of youth, while Euripides helps us to train our will and Seneca teaches us how to become ourself’s bestfriend: pills of resilience that enter in our everyday life.

Cristina dell’Acqua, graduated in Classical Literature at the University of Milan, teaches Greek and Latin, is vice-president at San Carlo’s College in Milan. Always passionated about educational experimentation, is co-author of Il futuro è antico. L’uso del teatro classico nell’educazione e nella formazione (2011), for several years is promoter of summits of greek’s culture language for adults enthusiasts.

Saturday 16 at 5p.mIl tempo presente. L’iconologia del tempo”

Meeting that will see as protagonist the great american researcher William John Thomas Mitchell about the endless social experience through time, giving particular attention to the contemporary era and the overseas’ political culture and dotting the treatment of visual and iconographic cues. If the questions that shape every social meeting are “How do we feel compared to present time?” “What is the climate of our times?” the conference offers to the public some ideas about the concepts of History and Time, with a focus on 20th and 21th centuries.

W.J.T.Mitchell is teacher of Art History and English at the University of Chicago and is Director of Inquiry, arts, culture and political magazine. He is also author of several books: including Picture Theory (che si è aggiudicato il Morey Prize for Art History from the College Art Association) e What Do Pictures Want? (Lowell Prize for Literary Criticism from the Modern Language Association). His most recent book is Image Science (2015), is now working on Metapictures e Seeing Through Madness.  

For who: young and adults

Where: Museo Novecento, Santa Maria Novella Square, 10

When: Saturday, March 16 at 5p.m

Duration: 1h

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