30 Oct 2018

The ’68 in Florence

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30October 2018



Museo Novecento

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The places, art and communication of the protest
Curated by Pinangelo Marino.
With Adriana Dadà and Tommaso Tozzi and some students of the Academy of Fine Arts in Florence who present their works.

Fifty years after 1968, a research on the places, images and words of protest movements in the city of Florence is illustrated: a presentation that uses modern communication tools, in a possible dialogue with the new generations.

Adriana Dadà, historian and vice-president of the Archivio il sessantotto, will present The places of ’68 in Florence, a long research work on the sixty-eight in the Florentine area, which has been documented mainly through periodicals, flyers, posters and documents, supplemented by interviews of those who lived through that period. The materials were analyzed and repurposed with the tools of current communication (sites, apps, geolocation) and artistic intervention, returning, in new forms, the contents and methods of communication that changed the society of the time. The presentation of the portal born from this work will be accompanied by the projection of We were the change, a video on the Academy of Fine Arts in 1968 with interviews with Delio Contemori, Andrea Granchi and Edoardo Malagigi. Following Tommaso Tozzi, professor at the Academy of Fine Arts in Florence, will speak on Art and communication through the reinterpretation of ’68, introducing some of the students who participated in the project with their work.

Adriana Dadà

Former researcher and professor of Contemporary History at the University of Florence, she has always dealt with social movements and parties, as well as past and present migrations. Author of one of the few historical essays on ’68 in Florence (The emergence of new social subjects: students, young people, women, in the Florence Chamber of Labor from the Liberation to the Seventies, 1991), with the collaboration of Tommaso Tozzi, a new way of communicating the history of the movements of the Florentine “long 68” with the portal The places of ’68 in Florence, the result of an ongoing research that has been edited in multimedia format and in augmented reality.

Tommaso Tozzi

Professor of Theory and Method of Mass Media at the Academy of Fine Arts in Florence, from 2003 to 2012 he directed the School of New Technologies of Art and uCan – Research and Documentation Center on Art and Network Cultures at the Carrara Academy of Fine Arts. Director in charge of the EduEDA project – The Educational Encycolpedia of Digital Art, with Adriana Dadà he published The image in the protest in 1968 and today. The visual imagery of 1968 between real and virtual, 2016 and Construction sites in motion, Images of the protest in 1968 and today, 2017, p. 264.

Event included in the 2018 Summer Florentine program.

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