21 Jul 2017

The great cinema in jazz

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21July 2017



Museo Novecento

Free admission subject to availability

ONJ National Jazz Orchestral of the Italian Conservatories
Pino Jodice Direction and arrangements

Trumpets: Daniele Moretto, Mauro Brunini, Andrea Del Vescovo, Damiano Vallone, Pietro Locati, Enrico Caniato
Trombones: Andrea Andreoli, Santino Polidoro, Donato Grillo, Giulio Giannini
Tuba: Alberto Introini
Sax: Manuel Caliumi, Fabio Tiralongo, Luigi Rinaldi, Andrey Pletnev, Luca Ceribelli, Federico De Zottis, Tommaso Miranda
Flute: Edoardo Casu
Rhythmic: Antonio Della Polla, Davide Sartori, Giulio Gentile, Stefano Zambon, Dario Congedo, Federico Nelson Fioravanti
Elettronics: Andrea Centrella
Voices: Marta Giulioni, Emanuela Di Benedetto


Ennio Morricone
The Untouchables
Death Theme
Il clan dei siciliani
Deborah’s Theme
Nuovo Cinema Paradiso
Nino Rota
La passerelle 8 e 1/2 – Amarcord
John Williams
Catch me – Star Wars – Superman

Large-scale sound cinema begins in 1929 and coincides with the Wall Street economic crisis. The following years saw most of the clubs close and consequently many musicians (especially black ones) forced to change jobs. From those early years of sound there remain some independent short films, shot in economy and interpreted entirely by people of color, among which we remember Back and Tan (1929) with the Duke Ellington orchestra and St. Louis Blues also of 1929. Since then to date, great jazz musicians and composers have made a strong contribution to international cinema, see Ellington with Anatomie of a murder.

In the project of the National Jazz Orchestra Young Talents of the Italian Conservatories, some of the soundtracks of two fantastic Italian composers, masters of great international cinema, such as La dolce vita, Amarcord di Nino are jazzistically revisited by Pino Jodice, in the frame of the Museo Novecento. Rota, The Untouchables, Mission, The Sicilian clan, Nuovo cinema Paradiso, Metti una sera a cena and others by Ennio Morricone and some songs by the great John Williams such as Catch me, Star Wars and Superman.

National Jazz Orchestra Young Talents of the Italian Conservatories

It was established in 2017, as part of the activities promoted by the Department for Higher Education and Research of the Ministry of University and Research, in collaboration with the Conference of Music Directors and a recently established commission, which oversees the activities of National Orchestras (Symphonic, Baroque and Jazz). The Orchestra is a group made up of selected students of the Italian Higher Institutes of Musical Studies in the jazz music area based at the Milan Conservatory. Born with the aim of enhancing the great jazz heritage, it can present itself in various formations both instrumental and with the addition of soloists, including vocals. Starting from July 2017, the first concerts that will inaugurate the activity are scheduled in Milan, Florence and Trieste. The Orchestra directed by Maestro Pino Jodice will present itself to the public with a first original project dedicated to jazz for great cinema.

In the program of the Estate Fiorentina 2017

Photo credits Roberto Lauretta

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