5 Jul 2022

“The solitary body. The self-timer in contemporary photography” by Giorgio Bonomi

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5July 2022



Museo Novecento

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Giorgio Bonomi

Philosopher, critic and curator

Sergio Risaliti

Letizia Rostagno


On Tuesday 5 July, at 6.00 pm, the philosopher, critic and curator Giorgio Bonomi will be a guest at the Museo Novecento in Florence for the presentation of the third volume of The Solitary Body. The self-timer in contemporary photography, followed by those published in 2012 and 2017, again for Edizioni Rubbettino. The meeting, introduced by the Director of the Novecento Museum, Sergio Risaliti, will see as a guest, in addition to the author, also the artist and curator Letizia Rostagno.

This contribution marks the conclusion of the author’s more than ten-year research, aimed at investigating the theme of photographic self-portrait. The three volumes constitute one of the most complete and comprehensive reviews on the subject, and include the work of artists from the international scene from the seventies to the present day, from established masters to young beginners.
In these writings, the body is defined as “solitary” for two reasons: on the one hand, because the work is made in solitude, and in solitude the artist self-releases himself, making the most of the help of a friend who presses the camera button; on the other, because it imposes itself in mass society as a testimony of malaise, but also as a possibility of liberation and salvation.
Through the search for their own identity, with disguise, with narration, experimentation, denunciation, the artists pose profound problems of a psychological and aesthetic, social and political nature.

The solitary body. The self-timer in contemporary photography includes a miscellany of authors divided into three volumes enriched by a vast array of images and critical comments. The first two editions were presented in prestigious venues such as: Museo del Novecento in Milan; Turin Modern Art Gallery; Museum of Rome in Sant’Egidio; Palazzo della Penna in Perugia; Candiani Cultural Center of Mestre; MUSIN of Senigallia; University of Bologna; Brera Fine Arts Academies; Albertina of Turin; Pietro Vannucci of Perugia and many others.
Furthermore, numerous exhibitions have been held with the artists featured in the book and the Archive of the photographic self-portrait has been created at the MUSINF in Senigallia.


Giorgio Bonomi was born in Rome in 1946, where he graduated in Philosophy. Lives and works in Perugia.
For a few years he has been studying political philosophy from which the book Party and revolution in Gramsci, Feltrinelli 1973 (Spanish translation, Barcelona 1975) and various writings for “Les Tempes Modernes”, “Problems of socialism”, “El viejo” are born. mouse “,” Il Manifesto “, and other periodicals.
Subsequently he deals with contemporary art as a critic and curator of exhibitions in public and private spaces, in Italy and abroad, and collaborates with various magazines. In the eighties he founded and directed the contemporary art magazine “Artinumbria”, which was later transformed into “Title”.
He has held administrative positions both in the political sphere (Municipal Councilor of the Municipality of Perugia) and in the cultural sphere (Board Member of the Tourist Board of Perugia, of the Permanent Theater of Umbria, Vice-President of the Umbria Entertainment Foundation).
He was the curator of the CERP (Rocca Paolina Exhibition Center) of the Province of Perugia.
From 2004 to 2007 he was Director of the Zappettini Foundation for Contemporary Art in Chiavari and Milan, and, in 1992, 1994, 2006, 2008, of the Gubbio Biennale; he was a member of the Assembly of the Perugia Academy of Fine Arts Foundation, of which he is an Honorary Academician.
He has curated about two hundred exhibitions, in Italy and abroad. He has collaborated on the three exhibitions (1996-1998) of Italian art of the last thirty years at the Museum of Modern Art in Bologna; a The body-figure of the image. Aspects of post-war Italian abstract art, Städische Galerie, Rosenheim (Germany) and Museo Civico, Lecco, 2000; Thinking painting, Genoa, Villa Croce Museum, 2009.
He was a lecturer at the IRRSAE of Umbria, held training courses for teachers and various conferences on contemporary art. He has spoken numerous times at RAI’s GR cultura and on local and national TV.
Among the books published, the Burri collection, Gesp Editrice, 1995; Introduction to contemporary art, Gesp Editrice, 1996; Promoting the flood: Fluxus and its surroundings, Parise Editore, 1997; The weather. Science, culture, education, Gesp Editrice, 1998; History of the Gubbio Biennials and Museum of Contemporary Sculpture, ed. Silvana, 2006; Maria Mulas, ed. Skira, 2007; Dissemination, with a preface by Achille Bonito Oliva, ed. Rubbettino, 2009; The solitary body. The self-timer in contemporary photography vols. I, II, III ed. Rubbettino, 2012, 2017, 2021; Pino Pinelli or dissemination, 2016, ed. Rubbettino.

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