22 Dec 2018

The calendar of visits and the activities at Christmas time

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22December 2018


6January 2019

On the occasion of the temporary exhibition dedicated to Maria Lai and Medardo Rosso, Museo Novecento and MUS.E suggest a calendar of tours and activities adressed to kids, young and adults. Here to follow the specific proposals:

Visit to the exhibition Anno Zero. Maria Lai

Fuori era notte is the title of some works by Maria Lai dedicated to cribs: scenic boxes that become starry sky, travel and tale to investigate, in the unspeakable language of art, the great mistery of the world. As the artist writes,between choirs of angels / and cries of lambs / God is born, / art is born, / human being is born”. The visit to the exhibition will consent to know better the art and poetry of Maria Lai and to appreciate the exposed works, that in their apparent silence “tell us where we come from, reveal the dreams and the knowledge of our childhood and of the previous generations; the actual ones, and maybe those we will have in the future”. (Gianni Murtas)

For who: young and adults

Duration: 50’

When: December 22 at 3p.m – December 23, 24, 26 and January 6 at 11a.m

Atelier around the cribs by Maria Lai

The cribs by Maria Lai – made of terracotta, wood, cloth, wire, sand – that suggest a simple tale, symbolic and absolute, in which the sacred history becomes a metaphor for all the roots, of all the miracles and of all the ideals of humanity: “by having kept the contact with my childhood, when I felt around me an invisible world more powerful than reality. It justifies the charm that still binds me to the tenderness of Christmas. What he had felt and what I continued to feel, more and more, is the need to question this misterious symbol that every year returns to an increasingly troubled world.” After an introduction to the exhibition, the kids with their families will be invited to realize their own crib, that can take away with them. Please pay attention: it is necessary to carry an empty shoebox.

For who: families with kids

Duration: 50’

When: December 22 at 4.30p.m – December 23,24,26 and January 6 at 12.30p.m

Visits to the exhibition Solo. Medardo Rosso

Crucial artist in the development of the sculpture between 1800 and 1900, Medardo Rosso opens the way to a new (and yet so ancient) plastic art made of open shapes, temporary, opaques, redesigned in numerous replicas and variants: “at the crossing between modern and contemporary, he has introduced a sculpture of the transitory, exposed to the broken and to the undoing, available to the Case, made of absorbent matter, after the idea reflected by the gloss of the bronze and the polito of the marble” (Paola Mola). The exhibit tour will allow to approach to the life and work of Rosso, able to combine an incredible tecniqual mastery to an anti-monumental and anti-conventional and redesign the boundaries of the sculpture. “in art, I’m interested in making the material forget”.

For who: young and adults

Duration: 50’

When: December 29 at 3p.m and 4.30p.m – December 30 at 12.30p.m – January 2 at 11a.m and 12.30p.m – January 5 at 3p.m and 4.30p.m

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