25 Nov 2021

I Have Read That the Soul is Immortal

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Where and when

25November 2021


16:00 – 20:00


Theater group INuovi

Maddalena Amorini

Maria Lucia Bianchi

Federica Cavallaro

Anastasia Ciullini

Claudia Ludovica Marino

Erica Trinchera

Free entry

On the occasion of the International Day against Violence on Women, the INuovi group presents a theatrical reading of the most famous poems by Anna Achmatova, Sylvia Plath, Antonia Pozzi and Anne Sexton.

The Museo Novecento renews its commitment against gender discrimination. I read that the soul is immortal, curated by six young actresses of the INuovi group, Maddalena Amorini, Maria Lucia Bianchi, Federica Cavallaro, Anastasia Ciullini, Claudia Ludovica Marino, Erica Trinchera, will accompany visitors in the spaces of the exhibition Jenny Saville exalting, between recitations and significant silences, the paintings and drawings charged with the strong gesture of the British artist.

The theatrical reading I have read that the soul is immortal arises from the convergence between the curatorial line of the director Sergio Risaliti and the will of I Nuovi to propose events that are able to make different arts interact with each other.
The theme of the performance stems from two different stimuli: on the one hand the suggestions that come from the works of Jenny Saville and on the other the recurrence of a particular date, November 25th. The feminine therefore dominates the genesis and the artistic proposal of this event. Viewers of the exhibition will be able to enjoy an immersive journey in which the pictorial works support the voices of the actresses involved and vice versa. The literary genre that can best accompany this experience is that of poetry. Poet compositions were selected who could, through the bodies and voices of the actresses, give word to the shapes, colors, and the world of the works exhibited in the exhibition. The compositions chosen belong to Antonia Pozzi, Sylvia Plath, Anne Sexton and Anna Achmatova. The six actresses arranged inside the exhibition halls will give voice to the cry, to the contrasting emotions of motherhood, to tears, to the difficult relationship with a body, to courage, to the loneliness that the poems tell. But above all to what encompasses all this. Being a woman.


INuovi is a Florentine association of young actors and actresses that deals with theatrical production and dissemination. Established as a result of the training and work experiences of its actors and actresses in recent years within the Teatro della Toscana Foundation and in the space of the Niccolini Theater, the association has specific objectives to bring younger generations closer to theater and to promote of a virtuous cultural network involving the Florentine territory.