26 Sep 2018

Guest. Jose Dávila

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26September 2018



Museo Novecento

Free admission subject to availability

Introduced by: Sergio Risaliti
Speakers: Marco Brizzi and Lorenzo Bruni

For his first institutional exhibition in an Italian museum, Jose Dávila summarizes the object of his artistic practice, ranging from sculpture to painting and graphics. In this lecture Dávila will delve into how his multidisciplinary practice experiences the relationship between form and content in a variety of languages.

His sculptures are a reflection of various physical phenomena and are determined by a series of intuitions on a structural level; the juxtaposition of the materials used creates a forced synergy between them that results in a delicate balance, highlighting the human intervention that transforms the space and gives a new meaning to the object. Dávila’s artistic practice operates through the isolation of visual words belonging to different epochs of Western art history, then their own facts, reformulated and recontextualized through different techniques, such as superimposition, cropping and juxtaposition: this forces the viewer to question the way in which he recognizes himself and relates visually. These visual and material aporias function as paradoxes that allow the coexistence of fragility and resistance, rest and tension, geometric order and random chaos.

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