10 Jul 2018

Guest. Gianluca Peluffo&Partners

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10July 2018

Museo Novecento

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New Genealogies

Blessed are those who have an identity”. With this sentence we begin the conference on our work. The meaning is direct and political: only those who have a strong sense of belonging to their own cultural genealogy can, with clarity, productivity and collective usefulness, dialogue with those who have different cultures, opinions, traditions and religions.

The conference will present a story of the construction of “places of dialogue”, of “union of horizons”, with its spaces and its symbols. And the construction of these physical places and symbols brings with it the need to invent a “specific language” suitable for practicing this dialogue. Every condition, client, place, city and landscape, implies an inclusive and synthetic attitude, that is, an opening to perception and listening, to then create a design, aesthetic, and meaningful synthesis.

“Blending horizons”, that is to make the different functions and identities not only compatible, but also interconnected, communicating and mutually enriching, in symbiosis with the theme of the city and the landscape, is the aim of the architecture project we propose, which we are experimenting and refining in the three projects in Egypt: The New City of Galala, the Sokhna Mosque and the Museum of the Battle of El Alamein.

The conference will therefore develop following a series of key words: Genealogies / Infantile / Membership / Dialogue / Mediterranean / Language / Future.

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