16 May 2018

Guest. Elena Pontiggia and Anna Dolfi

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16May 2018



Museo Novecento

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Maria Lai. Art and relationship
Presentation of the book by Elena Pontiggia, in the presence of the author.
Speaker: Anna Dolfi

Maria Lai. Art and relationship is the most complete book available today on the figure and work of Maria Lai, thanks to the impressive and splendid amount of photographs published in the volume.
Furthermore, Elena Pontiggia’s text carries out a long process of collecting and recognizing the artist’s statements. As the author herself said: “Maria Lai is an artist who also had the gift of words. My effort was to search for and collect from all sources – books, newspapers, radio programs, including period radio programs, magazines, catalogs, videos, documentaries, posters – his voice and thoughts “. (Ilisso, Nuoro, 2017)

The presentation will be accompanied by musical interludes by Donatella Cheri.

J.S. Bach, Allemande da Partita in A minor (BWV 1013) – for solo flute
C. Debussy, Sirinx – for solo flute
P.A. Polito, Selon l’ancien temps – for solo flute

Elena Pontiggia

He is a professor of Contemporary Art History at the Brera Academy and at the Milan Polytechnic. He is particularly interested in Italian and international art between the two wars and the relationship between modernity and classicism. She has also dealt with art in recent decades, publishing essays on Pollock (Milan, 1993), the Italian and European informal. His latest volumes are: Edward Hopper (Milan, Rizzoli, 2002); 1935. The great Quadrennial (Milan, Electa, 2006); Modernity and classicism. The Return to Order in Europe (Milan, Bruno Mondadori, 2008); Mario Sironi. (Milan, Johan & Levi, 2015); Christian Schad (Milan, Abscondita, 2015), Arturo Martini. Life in figures (Milan, Johan & Levi, 2017). He has curated numerous exhibitions. Among the latest: Arturo Martini (Permanente, 2006, then GNAM, Rome); Sironi (Stelline Foundation, 2008); Licini (Ascoli Piceno, Civic Art Gallery, 2008); Chiarism (Milan, Palazzo Reale, 2010); The amazement of the gaze. Rousseau’s fortune in Italy (Stelline Foundation, 2011); Carrà. Landscapes (Mendrisio, Museum of Art, 2013); Sironi (Rome, Vittoriano, 2014). He was a member of the Scientific Committee of the Contemporary Art Pavilion in Milan from 1987 to 1993; of the Board of Directors of the Rome Quadriennale from 2002 to 2008; of the Scientific Committee of the Stelline Foundation in Milan from 2000 to 2011; of the Board of Directors of Hangar-Bicocca in Milan from 2011 to 2016. He has been president of the Scientific Committee of the Landscape Museum of Verbania since 2016. In 1996 he won the S. Valentino d’Oro prize for the history of art. In 2009 he won the Carducci prize with Modernity and classicism. The Return to Order in Europe (Bruno Mondadori, 2008).

Anna Dolfi

he is full professor of modern and contemporary Italian literature at the University of Florence and is a member of the Accademia Nazionale dei Lincei. Among the best scholars of Leopardi and of fiction and poetry of the twentieth century, he has designed and edited volumes of a comparative cut dedicated to the “Forms of subjectivity” on the themes of intimate journals, epistolary writing, melancholy and melancholy illness, neurosis and madness, of otherness and double in modern literatures, dedicating recent collections to writers’ essays, to philosophical reflection in fiction, to the unfinished, to the Proustian myth, to real and imaginary libraries, to the relationship between literature and photography, between Judaism and testimony. She has also dealt with ‘Sardinian’ literature: she has dedicated a monograph to Deledda (Mursia, 1979), the editing and re-edition of numerous novels (for Mondadori and Newton Compton), and a commentary by Canne al vento (SEI, 1993 ). As for Giuseppe Dessí, he edited the edition of the posthumous novel The Choice (Mondadori, 1978), the collection of writings on Sardinia (A piece of the moon, Della Torre, 1987/2006), the reprint, for the Mondadori “Oscars” and for Ilisso of numerous novels. His book on the author, reprinted in 2004, is fundamental: The word and time. Giuseppe Dessí and the ontogenesis of a “Roman philosophique” (Rome, Bulzoni) and the proceedings of a Florentine conference she edited: A day for Giuseppe Dessí (Bulzoni, 2005) which was also attended by her great, mutual friend Maria Lai.

Donatella Cheri

She graduated in transverse flute at the “L. Canepa ”of Sassari. He attended specialization courses with masters Klemm, Marion, Conti, Marasco and Matuz. He has collaborated with artists of various backgrounds, holding concerts in chamber ensembles and as a soloist for various organizations and associations in Italy and abroad, ranging from classical to contemporary repertoire. She collaborated with the ORT, with the Fiesole Music School, was the artistic director of the “Classical Music Paths” review and a teacher of transverse flute. He is currently professor of Literature at the Art School of Porta Romana in Florence.

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