9 Jan 2016

January, I go to Novecento

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For the month of January, is scheduled a series of workshops for families with children

the aim is to bring young people and their parents in an interactive and pleasant way to the art of our time, making it emerge as it is closer to the contemporary way of feeling and seeing than is the great art of the past. For four days, on Saturday at 16.30, it will be possible to dialogue with the techniques, languages and perspectives of the great artists of the twentieth century experimenting with absolutely new methods of observation and work. Here is the detailed program:

Time Machine

Saturday, January 9 at 4.30p.m
For families with kids aged 8/12 

A “journey through time” that starts from today’s world to get to the early years of the last century investigating languages, techniques and principles of the arts of the twentieth century: Children will thus be involved in a journey of discovery of the many artistic forms of the twentieth century in the animated dialogue between tradition and innovation, ancient and modern, abstract and concrete. The encounter with the great artists of the century – among them Emilio Vedova, Lucio Fontana, Bruno Munari, Giorgio De Chirico, Fortunato Depero – and with their works will be in this sense the occasion for a personal reworking that will allow children to take home a very particular “collection” of their experience.

Collage, the art of choosing

Saturday, January 16 at 4.30p.m
For families with kids aged 6/10

In the collage, a purely twentieth-century technique, brushes, colors or pastels are not used, but a “choice” is made by selecting and superimposing in a critical form details of images, photographs, magazines, writings and more to create and compose something new. In this sense, the resulting work is often alienating, not wanting to delude the reality but tell a way of seeing that uses the forms of representation to go further. After a brief visit to the museum, in which the works that have in the “composition” their distinctive feature will be highlighted and attention will be paid to the possible ways of depicting the real, Participants can try their hand at a portrait/ self-portrait in the form of collage/ décollage that, overcoming the idea of realistic reproduction, includes emotions, qualities, expressions and characters of the person represented.

Total work of art

Saturday, January 23 at 4.30p.m
For families with kids aged 4/7

What is the twentieth century? A non-trivial question for younger visitors. The path allows children to approach the arts of the twentieth century with a transversal look, participatory and inclusive. The itinerary focuses on some selected works, useful to grasp the spirit of the century, which initiates a total rethinking of the arts and their possible interactions. The continuous installation by Paolo Masi, the colorful architecture of Superstudio, the painting made of gestures and colors by Emilio Vedova will then be an opportunity for a multisensory meeting with the arts. In the second part of the activity, the children, divided into small groups, will work to give shape to a “total work of art”, which brings together their collective experience by interweaving the different artistic languages.

Animated drawing

Saturday, January 30 at 4.30p.m
For families with kids aged 6/10

Already prehistoric man tried to reproduce the surrounding reality in motion and over the centuries many attempts were made to give dynamism to the images: among these we can remember the zootropio of William Horner or the optical theater of Charles-Emile Reynaud. It is however at the beginning of the twentieth century that you have the first cartoons and animated characters – just remember the Felix Cat by Otto Messmer, known even today – that over the century will be perfected to an increasing extent until you reach the unexpected results that we all know. The activity includes an excursus in the history of animated drawing, with projection of short excerpts; later the children will try to make drawings that, thanks to a series of techniques and secrets, will animate to give life to a real story.

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