4 Dec 2015

Gamo – Gruppo Aperto Musica Oggi: Festival GIF

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4December 2015


8January 2016



Museo Novecento



GIF Gamo International Festival, in Stagione di Concerti GAMO 36° anno 

in memory of LILIANA POLI

From Friday, December 4 to Friday, January 8, the Museo Novecento hosts the Gamo International Festival (GIF), within the 36th edition of the Concert Season GAMO – GRUPPO APERTO MUSICA OGGI. The Festival, under the artistic direction of Giancarlo Cardini and Francesco Gesualdi, is divided into six projects that investigate the territories of contemporary music. The new edition of the Festival is dedicated to the Florentine soprano Liliana Poli and the female voice, with guests such as Italian artists Laura Catrani, Ljuba Bergamelli and Francesca Della Monica, and two original voices on the international scene, Serbian singer Ana Spasic and German singer Frauke Aulbert.

The exhibition will also feature some first performances commissioned by GAMO to composers Laurence Crane, Daniela Fantechi, Matteo Giuliani, Alessandro Magini and Raffaele Sargenti. The inauguration, Friday, December 4, is entrusted to Francesca Della Monica, student of Liliana Poli (among the many collaborations we remember the one with Dario Fo and directors Gabriel Villela, Federico Tiezzi), which will perform as a singer and pianist accompanied by Gian Mario Conti, harp, harmonica, percussion and flutes, Oscar Conti, guitar and Lorenzo Saini, double bass.

The second appointment, Friday, December 11, is with the duo composed by Frauke Aulbert,  soprano and Gisbert Watty, guitar. The sound direction is curated by Luca Luglio, the program includes music by Aulbert herself, Georges Aperghis, Stefan Hakenberg, Vinko Globokar, and the Italian premiere of “Ovid I and II” for soprano and guitar by Arturo Fuentes.

Tuesday, December 15 the Museum hosts the concert Three portraits of English composers with Manuel Zurria on the flute, Giancarlo Cardini on the piano and Francesco Gesualdi on the accordion, with music by the famous composer Howard Skempton (some pieces have been dedicated by Skempton himself to M- Cardini), by Dave Smith and the pianist and composer Laurence Crane, who will also be present as a performer. Saturday, December 19 is dedicated to the project “Vox in Femina” soprano Laura Catrani, interpreter of numerous performances by composers including those of Luciano Berio, Niccolò Castiglioni and Giacomo Manzoni are considered by critics as reference voices for the twentieth-century and contemporary repertoire. On the scene will be accompanied by video projections and electronics. In the program also the first performance of Once upon a time Mozart! of Delilah Gutman.

The last concert of December, Tuesday 22, is Una voce – incontro di gesti per voce sola e danzatrice with soprano Ljuba Bergamelli , accompanied by dancer Simone Magnani. The project, born from the interpretation of the voice as an instrument of the body, investigates the vocal and bodily gesture in a path that passes from improvisation to the execution of pieces of the contemporary repertoire. Live electronics is curated by Vittorio Montalti. The last concert of the Gamo International Festival will feature soprano Ana Spasic who will perform in duo with flutist Sara Minelli in “Flautata voice XXY”. Born in Serbia, Ana Spasic was trained in classical singing and jazz. He prefers interdisciplinary projects of musical theatre in which the voice is a basic element within a multiplicity of body-sound expressions that do not prescind from the movement-gesture. The project with Minelli investigates the union, melodic and expressive, between human voice and transverse flute, celebrates different eras (from 1912 to 2015) and writing styles, calling into question contemporary composers known, such as Kaija Saariaho and Beat Furrer, and younger but valuable composers, such as Maria Vatenina and Carla Rebora. In the program of the evening, also music by Arnold Schőnberg, Albert de Roussel, Ljubica Marić, Daniele Lombardi, Linda Dusman, Brian Ferneyhough and Matteo Giuliani.


Francesca Della Monica, soprano

Gian Mario Conti, harp, harmonica, percussion and flute

Oscar Conti, guitar

Lorenzo Saini, double bass

Music by Bussotti, Cage, Conti, Della Monica, Pascoal, sargentini, Sclsi, Skempton, Thomson, Monk

Friday, December 11 at 9p.m

Frauke Aulbert voice  

Gisbert Watty guitar

Luca Luglio, sound direction

Musiche di Aperghis, auLBERT, Bussotti, Bravi, Fuentes,  Globokar,  Hakenberg

Tuesday, December 15 at 9p.m15 – THREE PORTRAITS OF ENGLISH COMPOSERS

Giancarlo Cardini, piano – Laurence Crane, piano

Francesco Gesualdi, accordion – Manuel Zurria, flute

Music by Cardini, Crane, Skempton, Smith

Saturday, December 19 at 9p.m – VOX IN FEMINA

Laura Catrani, voice

Music by Berberian, Berio, Cage, Fantechi, Franceschini, Gutman, Solbiati, Von Bingen, Castiglioni, Zelavi


Ljuba Bergamelli, voice

Simone Magnani, dancer

Vittorio Montalti, electronics

Musics by Berberian, Aperghis, Cage, Corrado, Magini, Montalti, Sanna

Friday, January 8 2016, at 9p.m – FLUTED VOICE XXY

Ana Spasic, soprano

Sara Minelli, flute

Music by de Roussel, Dusman, Ferneyhough, Furrer, Giuliani,  Lombard, Marić, Rebora,  Saariaho, SchőnbergVatenina

The association GAMO, currently directed by Francesco Gesualdi and Giancarlo Cardini, is dedicated to the dissemination of contemporary music: founded in Florence in 1980, He entered into artistic partnerships with the most important authors of the late twentieth century continuing in the uninterrupted path of contemporary musical research. Among the guests of the past seasons, the Japanese master Hosokawa, the Spanish composer Luis De Pablo, the German Helmut Lachenmann. Illustrious composers such as Petrassi, Donatoni, Bussotti, Cage, Sciarrino have dedicated some of their compositions to GAMO.

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