6 May 2015

Firenze Novecento

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Museo Novecento

6 May – 25 May An interdisciplinary investigation through the arts of the twentieth century, conducted by experts who collaborated in scientific research for the opening of the twentieth century Museum.

Wednesday 6 May at 17.30

Francesco Galluzzi
The image of Florence in cinema

An excursus around the theme of the image of Florence in cinema, between the temptation to re-propose its traditional tourist connotation and the ambition to return a representation equal to modernity.

Wednesday 13 May at 17.30

Silvia Lucchesi
The Artist’s Film Season 1965 – 1980

Place of every creative and visual possibility of the image, since the sixties cinema has become the new means to transcend the material limits, and not only, of the painting. In those years, Tuscany also experienced an intense and lively moment; a large group of artists experimented and reinterpreted the very concept of artistic “work”, leading in 1980 to the birth of the School of Florence.

Wednesday 20 May at 17.30

Anna Mazzanti
“It was not a game with the electronic box”: video art 70s and ‘80s

The birth of video art, between the sixties and seventies, is manifested through different approaches and experiences of which art/tapes/22 expresses a lively though short episode, poorly recognized by non-Italian historiography. Laboratory of ideas of international importance, it represents an unusual combination of art/life active in Florence from 1973 to 1976.

Monday 25 May at 17.30

Stefania Ricci
Fashion routes

A journey to Florence in the history of fashion and its crafts, from Salvatore Ferragamo to Emilio Pucci, from Gucci to the birth of fashion shows in the Sala Bianca of Palazzo Pitti, to continue until the creation of Pitti Immagine and the debut of the current protagonists.

The meetings are curated by Valentina Gensini.

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