19 May 2017

Florence of Kids, from May 19 to 21 “Città del Futuro” at Museo Novecento

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11:00 – 20:00

Florence of Kids: three days dedicated to children and their look at the city: so that Florence can grow together with them and be their great home.

On May 19,20 and 21 2017 Florence becomes the city of kids. The “city as home” will be the fil rouge of the event, during which many small thematic citadels will come to life ready to welcome the kids and young curious to discover, learn, explore and have fun with music, technology, art and much more. The event, promoted by the Municipality of Florence and organized by MUS.E, will see involved numerous urban spaces.

The day of Friday, May 19 will be entirely dedicated to the schools of the florentine territory, with a full-immersion of workshops and activities reserved to them. The days of Saturday 20 and Sunday 21 will be instead open to all children and their families. Workshops, paths, shows and initiatives for all ages and tastes will allow to live the city in a new way and discover its wonders.

Il Festival sarà suddiviso in tante cittadelle tematiche, e una di queste, la “Città del Futuro” avrà vita proprio al Museo Novecento.

The Festival will be divided in many temathic citadels, and one of them, the “Città del Futuro” will have life at Museo Novecento. And in the future children can really immerse themselves, because at the Museum will take life a series of interactive and totalizing experiences on the city of tomorrow: it will be possible to rest on a “smart bench”, talk with a robot and enter into the logic, travel into the future and draw for Minecraft, but also retrace the history of the film genre most loved by children, the cartoon, from its origins to the present day and create their own personal animation.

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