11 Oct 2016

Exposition | Images and visions of the ‘900  

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Museo Novecento

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The construction of an ideal of a united Europe, made up of peoples and cultures, dating back to the twentieth century, and the reality we live in today: the direct witnesses of those events that have marked the history of our continent are told in the documentary films chosen for the two evenings. The screenings will be introduced and commented by experts, academics and film scholars, who will find with the audience the plot of that narrative that today blends the destinies, the lives, the imagination of each of us, and that projects our future in the complex intercontinental context. 


Tuesday 11 October, 8.30 pm 
Flotel Europa 

Screening of the documentary film by Vladimir Tomić (Denmark, Serbia 2015. 70′. V.O. sott. ita/eng). 
Introduced by Pinangelo Marino, curator of the exhibition. 

In 1992, a wave of refugees from the war in Bosnia and Herzegovina reached Denmark. With the refugee camps completely full, the Red Cross equipped a huge ship, Flotel Europa, in the port of Copenhagen; the purpose was to give temporary shelter to the refugees, waiting for their request for asylum to be examined. Among them, there was the twelve-year-old Vladimir Tomic, future director. Two decades later, through memories, archival material and personal VHS, Tomic retraces the steps of that journey, with the echoes of war that characterized his adolescence. 

Tuesday 25 October, 8.30 pm 
Bodies that cross borders.

Memories of today’s Europe

Meeting with Luisa Passerini, Giada Giustetto, Leslie Hernández Nova, Gabriele Proglio. 
Introduced by Pinangelo Marino, curator of the exhibition. 

What do the thousands of people who, at the risk of their lives, come to Italy as the gateway to Europe offer us? In addition to their lives and their work, there are also narrations and images that, by crossing paths with ours, can build new European memories. An ongoing research at the European University Institute in Florence, promoted by the European Research Council, documents this process with interviews, films, drawings and photographs on current migration to Europe. Professor Luisa Passerini, Prize of the European Academies “Madame de Staël” 2014 and project manager, will present the work done, in dialogue with some representatives of the research group. 

Exposition | Immagini e Visioni del ‘900 is a Cinemareale project, realized in collaboration with Festival dei Popoli, European University Institute, Fondazione Sistema Toscana, Quelli della Compagnia Esposizioni | Immagini e Visioni del ’900 è un progetto Cinemareale, realizzato in collaborazione con Festival dei Popoli, European University Institute, Fondazione Sistema Toscana, Quelli della Compagnia 

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