23 Sep 2022

Emiliano Maggi: Water Spell

Curated by Caroline Corbetta

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23September 2022



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Emiliano Maggi will realize a performance on the Arno on the evening of 23 September, curated by Caroline Corbetta. A tribute to the exhibitors and guests of the International Antiques Biennial present at Palazzo Corsini.

An event that follows the great theatrical events that took place in the past on the Arno. A performance that revives figurative myths and archetypes of the past in a language of unprecedented forms.

Emiliano Maggi interprets and updates the mythological figure of the triton and makes it the icon of his new Florentine project, giving life to a creature born from his imagination and inspired by the figures of the late sixteenth-century Fountain of Neptune in Piazza della Signoria, Florence. A fascinating being, human and animal, female and male, who is the protagonist of a performance curated by Caroline Corbetta, conceived and interpreted by Maggi, which glides at sunset on the stretch of Arno between Palazzo Corsini and Ponte Vecchio.