5 Apr 2015

#DomenicalMuseo of 5 April 2015

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Where and when

5April 2015


10:00 – 18:00

Free admission to the Florentine Civic Museums and the State Museums on the first Sunday of the month. Since January 2015, the City of Florence has been offering all visitors free admission to the Florentine Civic Museums, in line with the ministerial initiative #domenicalmuseo.

On the occasion of the next #sunday of April 5, in conjunction with Easter Sunday, there will be no guided tours and specific cultural activities, bookable as usual from the previous Monday. Free admission to the following Florentine Civic Museums remains for that day, without reservation and subject to availability.

Museum of Palazzo Vecchio, Signoria Square

Complesso di Santa Maria Novella, S.Maria Novella Sqaure and Train Station’s Square 4

Museo Novecento, Santa Maria Novella Square, 10

Some museum routes have specific access methods:

–  Palazzo Vecchio Museum: Excavations of the Roman Theatre in Florence, 25 people every half hour – Museum of Palazzo Vecchio: Torre di Arnolfo, 30 people every half hour. In case of rain the Arnolfo Tower will be closed for security reasons. It will be possible to access the Walkway.

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