26 Sep 2017

Behind me, genealogies

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26September 2017



Museo Novecento

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In what forms have some female writers attempted to say or read their own maternal complex?
Paradoxes of motherhood, between politics of the unconscious and evasion trials. In the evocative setting of the Museo Novecento, a meeting led by Ernestina Pellegrini and Angela Giuntini inspired by Behind me. Genealogies. The surrealist artists and other stories.

A bit of a critical story, a bit of a rigorous study of interdisciplinary comparison, the book by the Florentine scholar is above all a mine of questions, themes, motifs, reflections on the extraordinary universe of female writing: from Anne Sexton to Emily Dickinson, from Idolina Landolfi to Enif Robert, from Leonor Fini to Marisa Madieri, from Lina Pietravalle to Maria Bellonci.

So many stories, so many literary “cases” focused in a documented and sometimes unpredictable way.
The meeting is based on a direction composed of readings and short introductions that will enchant the audience by projecting it into an unusual narrative dimension.

Ernestina Pellegrini

She teaches Comparative Literature at the University of Florence. Among his publications are mentioned imaginary Necropolis. Representations of death in Balzac, Flaubert, Zola, Dickens, Dostoevsky and Tolstoy (1996); The Jewish reserve. The fantastic world of Arturo Loria (1998); Luigi Meneghello (2002); Epic on the water. The narrative work of Claudio Magris (new ed. Augmented, 2003); The merciless. Eros and violence in women’s literature (2004 and 2010); Other inks. Portraits and snapshots of female writers (2005); Female writings in Tuscany (2007). She edited the Meridiano Mondadori of the Works of Claudio Magris (2012). In 2013 Il grande sleep was released. Images of death in Verga, De Roberto, Pirandello, Tomasi di Lampedusa, Sciascia, Bufalino (Florence Art Edizioni).

The event is organized in collaboration with Florence Art Edizioni.

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