12 Oct 2016

Daniela De Lorenzo, a certain probability

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12October 2016



Museo Novecento

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Daniela De Lorenzo, a certain probability

Presentation of the catalogue of the exhibition. The artist in dialogue with Valentina Gensini and Arabella Natalini. Followed by a visit to the exhibition with the artist. 

On the occasion of the exhibition of Daniela De Lorenzo, A certain probability, hosted at the Museo Novecento until 23 October, Valentina Gensini and Arabella Natalini present the exhibition catalogue in dialogue with the artist. 

Author of a liminal research, close to sculpture, Daniela De Lorenzo moves freely between different languages and mediums such as photography, sculptural and installation practices, video and performance, embroidery and scanner, continuously experimenting with the different possibilities of matter. The exhibited works investigate the human body in its most sensitive aspects and allow to reconstruct the intense activity of the artist starting from the different media used. In ceramics as in embroideries, in photographs as in sculptures and in video, the artist carries out an original investigation of the body that becomes an instrument and parameter of a singular phenomenology of perception. 

The meeting will be an opportunity for a critical historical rereading of the artist’s practice and research, and for an in-depth analysis of the unpublished works on display. 

The presentation of the catalogue, published by Gli Ori, will be followed by a visit to the exhibition with the artist. 

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