6 Sep 2022

From the classroom to the museum

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6September 2022


17:00 – 19:00

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On the occasion of the exhibitions dedicated to Filippo de Pisis, Giulio Paolini and Luca Vitone, running until 7 September 2022, the Museo Novecento renews its collaboration with the SAGAS Department of the University of Florence with the project Dall’Aula al Museo, established in the A.Y. 2018/2019. The initiative, launched together with prof. Giorgio Bacci, involves some students of the master’s course in History of Contemporary Art engaged in the different phases of the creation of an exhibition project, which on Tuesday 6 September will guide the public to discover the three exhibitions Filippo de Pisis. The illusion of superficiality, Giulio Paolini. When is the present ?, Luca Vitone. D’après (De Pisis – Paolini), thanks to three traveling conferences scheduled from 17:00 to 19:00.

In addition to assisting the curatorial staff of the Museum in organizing the exhibitions, the students were involved in a series of meetings aimed at guiding the public to discover the artists and themes present within the visit itinerary. In fact, this project intends to bring the academic research sector closer to that of museum training and dissemination to the general public, while offering a unique opportunity to study the great masters of the Italian twentieth century and enhance our heritage. The university thus connects itself to the world of work, demonstrating how it is possible to initiate fruitful interactions that apply in reality, in the specific case of the Museo Novecento, the reflections born and deepened in the classroom.

Following these cardinal principles, and thanks to the expertise of the museum management and staff, the work was developed with a precise didactic and training logic: in the first year, the participants in the seminar studied the works in the collection and then presented them to the public in one day. specially dedicated to the project; in the second, the students were instead proposed to design an exhibition starting from the works on display (also becoming co-curators in the case of the exhibitions actually dedicated to Mario Mafai and Arturo Martini); in the third, for obvious reasons related to the pandemic, a “mixed” work (at a distance and in person) was carried out aimed at deepening the works and artists related to the collection or current exhibitions (Henry Moore); finally, in the fourth year, without obviously forgetting the permanent collection, the project has taken a further step towards the integration between the academic training path and the study of curatorial practices, allowing students to share and learn the various skills related to the creation of a exhibition, from the conception of the path, to mediation and restitution to the public.

The Rebuses of De Pisis

Sofia Bennati, Zoe di Lauro

A special deck of cards will be the tool to reveal the personality and interests of Filippo de Pisis and his painting. The public will be able to play with cards and determine their own personal visit itinerary. Chance and fate will guide him within the exhibition, leading him to discover the many stories that are hidden behind the still lifes and compositions of the artist from Ferrara.

From matter to memory. Conversations with the work of Luca Vitone

Camilla Parisi

The activity focuses on dialogue with the visitor, who will be actively involved in reading the works that Luca Vitone has created on the occasion of his personal exhibition at the museum. What do we mean by sculpture? What do we think about when we talk about color? What links Vitone’s works to De Pisis’ still lifes and Giulio Paolini’s conceptual works? These and other questions will be the starting point for a conversation starting from and with the artist’s works.

First steps to the discovery of Giulio Paolini

Ottavia Cerra, Lea Martina d’Amico

The works gathered in the exhibition When is the present? they offer the opportunity to enter the poetic world of Giulio Paolini, one of the most emblematic artists of the last decades. Starting from the identification of some key concepts, such as space and time, presented through some works selected in the exhibition, it will be possible to enter the poetic world of the artist: a journey to discover his reflection on art and existence. , as well as an invitation to ask ourselves about our way of living it and relating to it.”

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