19 Nov 2014


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19November 2014



Museo Novecento

Friday 19 November – h 18.

A performance inspired by Claude Simon‘s La Battaglia di Farsalo.
murmuris creation by an idea of Francesco Migliorini;
The two boxers Omar Ranieri Russo and Simone Fenech;
the two voices Luisa Bosi and Laura Croce

In the space of the Museo Novecento two modern warriors study each other in search of the weak point of the opponent that will allow him to win the battle. The performance C&P have the heart in their throat evokes in an imaginary ring the battle between Caesar and Pompey, a decisive duel that turns out to be first of all a meeting between two men in the flesh.  

The reminiscence of this historical event, however, not only follows a visual criterion, but also descriptive. The movements of the boxers are punctuated by an accurate verbal reconstruction taken from the text of Claude Simon, which fits perfectly with the chronicle of the results of the clash. 

Claude Simon – 1986 Nobel Prize winner – is a little known author in Italy (and in France, despite everything), who contributed with his work to redesign the anatomy of contemporary writing through the experiments and provocations of the Nouveau Roman, an open movement that brought together many authors from France in the 1960s.

The Battle of Farsalo, written in 1969, is a literary experiment built with a mathematical architectural will, characterized by an unmistakable and irresistible style of assembly. It is an image text. The materials (paintings, photographs, objects, scenes of life lived or only remembered) through a sophisticated technique of composition of thematic lines and different narrative times, unfold to the reader in the form of visual tape. The battle of Farsalo is for this reason a text that has a specific relevance with the museum space: its compositional style deeply recalls the dynamics of setting up and use that regulate a sequence of works.

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