25 Nov 2017

Activities around Adrian Paci’s exhibition “These lights will be used at night”

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25November 2017


10February 2018

Museo Novecento

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Among the protagonists of the international artistic scene, Adrian Paci (Scutari, 1969) investigates the human condition with a refined normal synthesis and a frankness devoid of rhetoric. The experience of migration, lived in the first person, is elevated to a universal reflection on the indefiniteness of the human being and on the complexity of the social, political and cultural dynamics typical of contemporary life. In the project Di queste luci si servirà la notte, which takes its name from the video installation specially produced for the exhibition, the artist is confronted with a dual dimension: on the one hand the condition of man in continuous transit, assimilated to the incessant flow of water, on the other hand the comparison with topical elements such as identity, memory, rituals, in a close dialogue with the places that host them. On the occasion of the exhibition the Musei Civici Fiorentini and the MUS Association. And they offer a rich program of visits, meetings and activities for children, teenagers, young people and adults.

Beauty and truth: the art of Adrian Paci

The visit to the exhibition will allow to deepen the themes of some works, in dialogue with the collections of the museum, leading the public to understand the premises enclosed in the artist’s work and urging him to ask himself some questions: “My works are manifested as a form of encounter: encounter with a story, encounter with an image, have an experience and wonder about it”.

For whom: for young people and adults
Duration: 1h, 1h15’ if visited all the museum
When: 26 November, 10 December, 24 December, 14 January, 28 January at 11a.m
Where: Museo Novecento

My home, wherever I go

In collaboration with Sportello Immigrazione, Comune di Firenze

Master of painting and video, Adrian Paci brings to the attention of the public the great themes of contemporary society – immigration and emigration, home and travel, place and non-place, the individual and his relationships, identity and memory – with great poetry, charm and refinement, in close connection with their own experiences of life and those of their native land, Albania, left twenty years ago with the hope of a better future. Visits to the exhibition will be an opportunity to reflect on their roots and return in video form a small memory of their home, wherever it is, working with the language of art on the fragility and liquidity of today’s world: because, as the artist states, “vulnerability and fragility are, for me, elementary human conditions, capable of conferring both beauty and dignity.”

For whom: for young people and adults
Duration: 1h15’
When: 8 December, 23 December, 29 December, 5 January, 27 January at 3p.m
Where: Museo Novecento

Note: everyone is invited to bring with them a significant object of their life, their history or their land.

Adrian Paci. The faces of light

On the occasion of F-Light 2018. Starting from the work done by the artist in Florence – culminating in the performance and the video work exhibited at the museum, which gives the title to the exhibition – children and their families will be invited to investigate the silences, voices, nuances, mysteries of light. Light is in fact present in many works by Adrian Paci as an element capable of reading, rereading and transforming reality; these will be the way to start a small performative action that will involve small and large to give new light to our everyday life and our gaze, in line with the artist’s thought: “My project of intervention on the Arno consists in the evening passage of a boat on the river, from which come out a dozen bright wires that go to ‘fishing’ the hidden image of the bottom of the Arno. Bringing light into the darkness of the deep river to try to make visible what normally remains hidden, this is my attempt. For me art, more than a production of something new, is to make visible in a different way what we think we already know”.

Who: for families with children 8/12 years
Duration: 1h15’
When: 8 December, 23 December, 29 December, 5 January, 27 January at 4.30p.m
Where: Museo Novecento

Visit to the Murate and the exhibition Adrian Paci. These lights will be used at night

The visit will allow you to know the history of the Murate complex, from its foundation as a women’s convent for cloistered nuns – the walls – to its transformation into a prison in the nineteenth century until 1986, the year of the prison reform of Mario Gozzini. The itinerary will wind through the spaces of the complex to end in the hard prison, the most severe prison area, devoting particular attention to the works of the exhibition Adrian Paci. These lights will be used at night. In the spaces of Progetti Arte Contemporanea there are in fact two important works of the artist, Home to go and Rasha and three unpublished works by young artists Davide D’Amelio, Gianni Barelli and Lori Lako, able to offer us a series of questions on the themes of identity, of home and freedom.

For whom: for young people and adults
When: November 25, December 16, January 13, February 10 at 3p.m
WhereLe Murate Progetti Arte Contemporanea

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