8 Aug 2014

Opera and chamber arias. From Puccini to Prokofiev

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8August 2014



Museo Novecento

Art meets music in the cloister of the ancient Spedale delle Leopoldine.

Music and art blend with internationally renowned artists: the Museo Novecento hosts a free opera concert for voices and piano by Studio Lirico, and will propose arias by Italian and foreign authors of 1900, including Puccini, Leonacavallo, Berg, Prokofiev, Cilea,Jordan, R.Strauss.

Studio Lirico is an international project of high specialization for opera singers already engaged in the profession, directed by Paolo De Napoli. The Italian headquarters is this year Rufina, after stopping in Prague, Tallinn and Saint Petersburg, where it has permanent locations. The prestigious headquarters of Villa Poggio Reale in the Municipality of Rufina, thus sees the first Italian masterclass of Studio Lirico, which will give rise to 5 concerts in the province of Florence.

The concert that will take place at the Museo Novecento will feature some of the best singers of this project, who have come here from all over the world: Japan, Germany, the Baltic States, Bieloroussia, Russia and, of course, Italy. The only pianist of the concert will be Marco Borroni, from the Accademia del Teatro alla Scala.


Vadislav Sulimski (Belarus): principal baritone at the Marinsky Opera House in Saint Petersburg

Andris Ludvig (Latvia): principal tenor at the Riga Opera House

Irina Novikova (Russia): soprano principale presso il Teatro di Novosibirsk

Andreas Hermann (Germany): principal soprano at the Novosibirsk Theatre

Mattia Nebbiai (Italy): tenor

Andrey Mikuchik (Belarus): bass, Tallin Opera Studio

Tomomi Joshino (Japan): Japan Art Society


Marco Borroni (Italia): pianist, Accademia del Teatro alla Scala

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