24 Oct 2022

Architecture and Generosity: Alfonso Femia at the Museo Novecento

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24October 2022



Museo Novecento

Free admission subject to availability


Alfonso Femia


Laura Andreini


Sergio Risaliti

Artistic Director Museo Novecento

Gaetano Di Gesu


Marco Introini


On the occasion of the Architecture and Generosity exhibition, running until November 13 in the internal loggia of the former Leopoldine, Alfonso Femia will be the protagonist at the Museo Novecento with a talk on Monday 24 October at 6:00 pm.

The talk, in which Laura Andreini, Sergio Risaliti, Gaetano di Gesu and Marco Introini will intervene, is aimed at deepening the themes related to the Architecture and Generosity exhibition, the tenth appointment of the Il table dell’architetto review, the series of temporary exhibitions made in collaboration with the AREA magazine, which features famous architects, collectives and architectural firms on the international contemporary scene.

The exhibition explores the intimate and design world of Alfonso Femia and his Atelier (s) starting with the representation of the Whale. Imaginative and zoomorphic representation of the contents and values ​​of the studio, this symbol, which draws inspiration from the work of Pino Pascali, summarizes the founding values ​​of the Atelier (s) Femia, which is presented to the viewer in the form of colors, ceramic objects, drawings, words, sketches, videos and sounds from the depths of the seas.

Inside the exhibition there are about 30 works, including ceramic models and maquettes, in addition to the Mediterranean Bestiary conceived by Alfonso Femia in 2011 on the occasion of the OGR project in Turin and created by the master ceramist Danilo Trogu, who has always accompanied this voyage.

Also on display are precious moments “Inside The Whale”, inside the Whale: the people who “make up” the studio – architects, engineers, communicators, administrators; the hands in their extraordinary silent expressiveness; the cities of the Atelier (s), Genoa, Paris, Milan, a geographical and urban triad that creates explosive trans-design connections. Above all, the Whale and its star, guides and travel companions.

The table by Alfonso Femia is therefore configured as a bridge between design, architectural, artistic, compositional and technological dimensions, between memory and the present, a paradigm of an intimate and particular dialogue with every place, city and territory. Thoughts that come from the deepest abysses of the sea that can emerge and create a fruitful dialogue with the different times of humanity.

Architecture is needed to design places. But that’s not enough. We need dialogue, and time, and generosity, and responsibility, and imagination, and history, and memory, and sentiment “, says Alfonso Femia. Crossing over, beyond the geographies of national limits, is an experience of feeling. From Italy to France the coast line continues, the other side of the same mountains, the atmosphere, the colors, the cities, the material: Alfonso Femia’s journey is both sharing and research for an authentically Mediterranean architecture.