5 Dec 2017

Out loud: Wikipedia entry writing marathon

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5December 2017



Museo Novecento

Free admission subject to availability

Coordintion: Silvia Bruni (MAB Toscana), Susanna Giaccai (MAB Toscana, Wikimedia Italia), Manuela Musco (Wikimedia Italia)

Wikipedia, with its database system run by a worldwide network of volunteers, has established itself as one of the leading information resources on the Internet. The free encyclopedia in many cases represents the first node of a search that cannot, however, be considered exhaustive.
Each entry is a kind of gateway to more specific information resources. In addition to Wikipedia, other projects for the free dissemination of knowledge coordinated by Wikimedia were born. Archives, libraries and museums in many countries have long been experimenting with collaboration with various Wikimedia projects. This led to the birth of a Wikimedia project called GLAM (acronym for galleries, libraries, archives and museums).

The day at the Museo Novecento is aimed at museum operators, archivists, librarians, cultural operators in general, and anyone interested. The aim is to present the main Wikimedia projects, to experiment with the collective writing of encyclopedic entries, to reflect on the repercussions on the museum and its collections in terms of visibility and accessibility, as well as their possible use in teaching.

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