16 May 2016

Across the Atlantic

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Monday 16 May at 5.00pm and Monday 20 June at 5.00pm

Across the Atlantic 

Itinerant visit to the collections of the Museo Novecento and the exhibition  Da Kandinsky a Pollock. La grande arte dei Guggenheim

In collaboration with Fondazione Palazzo Strozzi. 

The guided tour of the exhibition of Palazzo Strozzi and the collection of the Museo Novecento is a unique opportunity to discover the role of collectors in the dissemination of art of the last century and the mutual influences between the art of two continents. A journey through two important collections, which allows you to deepen the exchanges between European art and American art and to reflect on some major issues at the heart of the artistic debate of the twentieth century: from the intense confrontation between the supporters of abstract and figurative painting, to the relationship between image and word, to the short circuit between object and idea and between uniqueness and reproducibility of the work of art. During the visit will be deepened the work of some of the Italian and international masters of the twentieth century, including Bruno Munari, Lucio Fontana, Emilio Vedova, Marcel Duchamp, Jackson Pollock, Mark Rothko.

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