11 Mar 2015

9999. An alternative to one way architecture

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11March 2015



Museo Novecento

Wednesday, March 11 at 17.30 – Presentation of the book by Marco Ornella, published by Plug_in (2014). Dialogue between Carlo Caldini, Bruno Casini, Marco Ornella, Emanuele Piccardo and Mario Preti. Screening of the documentary A Florentine Man (1969), produced by Elettra Fiumi and Lea Khayata of Granny Cart Productions.

9999. An alternative to one-way architecture describes for the first time the birth and evolution of the 9999 group, starting from training trips to the East and through the United States, going through the first years of activity under the name of 1999, until participation in the exhibition Italy: The New Domestic Landscape at the MoMA in New York in 1972.

Between 1968 and 1972 the 9999 group came to formulate within the Neo-avant-garde Italian a new form of project, in which coexist the intimacy of the manual process and the media event, technological progress and ecological sentiment. The aim is to redefine the forms and languages of the architectural discipline at the dawn of the nascent electronic age and the massification of consumption. In the historic centre of Florence, the Space Electronic nightclub, built and managed directly by the group, is the purest expression of his research.

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