25 Apr 2016

25 April Liberation Day: the initiatives of the Museo Novecento

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25April 2016


10:30 – 13:30

Museo Novecento

On the occasion of the anniversary of the Liberation Day and one year after the location of the site-specific installation by the artist Alberto Garutti in Piazza Santa Maria Novella (pictured), the Florentine Civic Museums and the MUS Association. And they propose a special artistic workshop for families with children at the Museo Novecento, from 10.30a.m to 1.30p.m on Monday, April 25.

Inspired by the numerous works in the Museum of artists who have lived in first person the fascist regime, who from dissident, who from aligned, who in a position oscillating between the two sides, Children will be invited to a collective action of collage on the theme of freedom and peace in a tricolor key.

The initiative will serve to rediscover how free expression, which has not always been taken for granted, is important for living well with others and that, as stated in Article 21 of the Constitution of the Italian Republic, “Everyone has the right to freely manifest his own thought with the word, the written word, and any other means of dissemination”.

In addition to children and families visiting the Museo Novecento, the anniversary will also actively involve Piazza Santa Maria Novella: throughout the day exhibitors in the area will display flyers and placemats with the colors of the Italian flag, that will bring a text related to the installation of Alberto Garutti and the theme of courage, as an invitation to remember.

Where: Cloister of the Museo Novecento

For whom: families with children 6/12 years

When: Monday 25 April h10.30/13.30

Duration: about 30 minutes

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