18 Jan 2017

1966: semiology of a flood

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18January 2017



Museo Novecento

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Cristina Acidini and Luca Brogioni meet Massimo Becattini and Leandro Giribaldi

In collaboration with Accademia delle Arti del Disegno

As part of the exhibition “From Cimabue in qua” – The Academy and the Professors of Drawing in the 1966 flood, the film 1966: semiology of a flood was made, a version taken from the larger documentary film project: 1966. The signs of the flood. Art offended by nature in the images of artists and photographers, scripted and directed by Massimo Becattini and Leandro Giribaldi, produced by Art Documentary Films and the Academy of Drawing Arts.

The subject of the film is not the flood itself, which has already starred in numerous films since the year following the disaster, but an original investigation into the influence and
evidence that that catastrophic event left in the thoughts and reflections of the artists and intellectuals of the time. The testimonies collected, beyond the documentary value, strongly restore the sense of those days of pain and redemption.

The screening of the film, in the presence of the directors, will be followed by the interventions of Cristina Acidini and Luca Brogioni aimed at contextualizing the video in the cultural milieu of the time, in the context of the contemporary press review and the precious documentation kept in the Historical Archive of the Municipality of Florence.

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