20 September 2021

Cortese Caffè 900: The new cafeteria of the Museo Novecento

The new café of the Museo Novecento has inaugurated: Cortese Caffè 900

Opening Hours

Monday – Sunday

8:00 am

8:00 pm

Chocolate, biscuits, pralines, spoon desserts and ice cream, all strictly without flour, milk, eggs, yeast and sugar. Vito Cortese, the most important raw-food pastry chef in Italy, has opened his gourmet restaurant in the heart of Florence, in the new spaces of the Museo Novecento café overlooking Piazza Santa Maria Novella.

It’s the first time in the world that such an out of the ordinary pastry chef has been awarded the job of catering for such a prestigious place as a museum of contemporary art. Cortese had 130 square meters available, with a large outdoor space under the loggia right next to the museum entrance, to offer its customers a real new way of understanding dessert: no longer a sin of gluttony but a experience of pleasure that is also a tribute to health.

Only fine raw materials with a high nutritional value, bio and vegan, transformed, thanks to drying and fermentation processes, into delicious, balanced and unforgettable gourmet recipes. In short, a place that aims to become a reference point not only for lovers of veg and gluten free cuisine, but for all those looking for the most elegant desserts, the best quality chocolate in the world and a unique and original way of interpret the art of pastry.

The cafeteria will also be a place for the enhancement of contemporary art in connection with the activities and projects of the Museo Novecento. A wall at the entrance, commissioned by the Artistic Director of the Novecento Museum, Sergio Risaliti, will be used to present individual works, paintings, graphics and photographs. It starts with Massimo Vitali, the great photographer whose personal exhibition is still in progress at the Forte di Belvedere.

Inside the Cortese Caffè 900 there will be a cafeteria service where it will be possible to stop for a coffee or a cappuccino (strictly with self-produced almond milk), a centrifuged or an organic fruit juice. Furthermore, Cortese Raw Patisserie will have an outdoor space under the loggia and overlooking Piazza Santa Maria Novella. A small wellness corner where you can have breakfast and where, starting from 6.30 pm you can enjoy a strictly alcohol free healthy aperitif, accompanied by savory finger food always prepared following the Cortese method – The Raw Patisserie.