14 September 2020

The opening hours at the Museo Novecento are changing

From September 14 the visiting hours of the Florentine Civic Museums will be further extended to meet the numerous requests of citizens and tourists. A full return to pre-Covid normality is also expected in the coming weeks.

The Museo Novecento is open from Friday to Monday from 11 am to 8 pm; Extraordinary openings are also planned for the evening events of CentoNovecento, a rich program of readings, concerts and lectures in progress throughout the month of September in the museum cloister: https://www.museonovecento.it/settembre-al-museo/

Please note that a mask is mandatory to access the Museum. Admissions are limited in full compliance with safety regulations. Reservations can be made by connecting to the official ticket office: http://bigliettimusei.comune.fi.it/