Behind me, genealogies

26 settembre ore 17.30

Dialogue between Ernestina Pellegrini and Angela Giuntini

Introduced by Silvia Tozzi


In what ways have some women writers endeavoured to recount or interpret their mother complex?

Paradoxes of motherhood, between policy of the unconscious and attempts to evade.

Against the evocative background of the Museo Novecento a meeting conducted by Ernestina Pellegrini and Angela Giuntini inspired by Dietro di me. Genealogie. Le artiste surrealiste e altre storie. Partly a critical narrative and partly a strict study of interdisciplinary comparison, the Florentine academic’s book is above all a mine of questions, themes, motives and reflections that revolve around the extraordinary universe of women’s writing: from Anne Sexton to Emily Dickinson, from Idolina Landolfi to Enif Robert, from Leonor Fini to Marisa Madieri, from Lina Pietravalle to Maria Bellonci. Many stories, many literary “cases”, focalized in documentary form and often unpredictable.

The meeting will include readings and short introductions that will capture the imagination of the public who will be projected into an unusual narrative dimension.

The event is organized in collaboration with Florence Art Edizioni.