Out Loud: A Wikipedia Article-Writing Marathon

Martedì 5 dicembre ore 11.00

Coordinated by:Silvia Bruni (MAB Toscana), Susanna Giaccai (MAB Toscana, Wikimedia Italia), Manuela Musco (Wikimedia Italia)

Wikipedia, with its system of data banks managed by a worldwide network of volunteers, is by now one of the Internet’s principal information resources. The free encyclopaedia is, in many cases, the first stop when researching almost anything; yet it cannot be considered by any means an exhaustive source.

Every article is a sort of access portal to more specific sources of information. Besides Wikipedia, other free information-sharing projects, coordinated by Wikimedia, have arisen and for some time now, archives, libraries and museums in many countries have been collaborating with the various existing Wikimedia projects.  And this fact has led to creation of a Wikimedia project denominated GLAM (an acronym for Galleries, Libraries, Archives and Museums).

The day at the Museo Novecento is open to museum workers, archivists, librarians, cultural-sector personnel in general and anyone else interested in the project.

Info: segreteria.museonovecento@muse.comune.fi.it