7 March 2019

The animated drawing

Free special project for schools on the history and art of animation cinema

The Museo Novecento is not just sculptures and paintings. Its rooms and its works restore the richness of the artistic languages ​​that characterized the twentieth century; and among the languages ​​born and developed in the twentieth century there is one much loved by children and teenagers: animated drawing. From the first experiments, small and refined short films lasting a few minutes, to the spectacular digital “blockbusters”, cartoons have given life to an unexpected world of inventions and imagination, making entire generations dream and placing themselves as one of the most loved artistic languages ​​by the public. of any age. This is why the Museo Novecento and MUS.E – in collaboration with Fenix ​​Studios and thanks to the support of the Ministry of Education, University and Research and the Ministry for Cultural Heritage and Activities – propose to kindergarten classes The Animated Drawing project, a free proposal to approach animation cinema, which allows you to retrace the history of animated drawing of the twentieth century thanks to a selection of the highest Italian and international results and offers the opportunity to discover principles, methods and tools of animation techniques.

It is an absolutely innovative and experimental educational initiative, promoting an approach to the cinematic culture of animation according to a multidisciplinary approach. The proposal of cartoons extracts will in fact allow to deepen the history of the twentieth century and to compare these productions with other artistic languages of the same period, in constant dialogue with the works in the museum. Furthermore, cartoons are selected on the basis of their narrative plot and the educational, civic and social message related to it, allowing us to reflect on the educational purposes underlying a genre commonly considered to be pure entertainment. Finally, the analysis of the highest creations and practical experimentation will lead the participants to approach this language more competently and to acquire specific technical and artistic skills.

Each class can join a cycle of three meetings: the first two will take place at school, while the third will take place at the Museo Novecento.
During the first two appointments (lasting 2 hours each) it will be possible to watch and analyze a selection of author’s creations – from the early twentieth century to today – appreciating the artistic component and acquiring the tools to also read cartoons for daily use; the third appointment (lasting 1h30 ‘) instead consists of a laboratory session that will allow you to try your hand at the animation technique, assimilating its fundamental notions and approaching its most innovative frontiers.
Each participant will thus come to create a short animation, which in the following days will be digitally refined in post-production, turning into a real personalized cartoon, with music and sound effects. Teachers will be provided with in-depth materials in order to eventually integrate and develop the work by intertwining it with their own school program.

For whom: for kindergarten, primary and lower secondary school classes
Duration: three appointments, two at school (2h each) and one at the Museo Novecento (1h30 ‘)
Where: the first two appointments will take place at school; the third at the Museo Novecento
Costs: participation is entirely free (max 20 classes). Reservation is mandatory.

The project is curated by the Museo Novecento and MUS.E, in agreement with the Keys of the city of the Municipality of Florence, in collaboration with Fenix Studios and thanks to the support of the Ministry of Education, University and Research and Ministry for Cultural Heritage and Activities.

For information and reservations:

Telephone: 055-2616788 – 9.30-13.00/14.00-16.30