13 January 2020

The “wish of the year”? More time / More passions

On 31 December at the Museo Novecento, on the occasion of the New Year 2020 curated by “F-Light”, promoted by the Municipality of Florence and organized by MUS.E, a real voting booth was set up to vote for the “desire of desires”: here’s how it went

More time, more passions. This is the “wish of the year”, the most voted by the thousand voters who chose the Museo Novecento as the place to express their DESIRE for 2020 on December 31st. Each of them received a real card at the entrance. election with which ten wishes were proposed. At the end of the vote, canonically carried out in a voting booth, the voters were able to put the ballot back in the most classic of the ballot boxes.

Florentines and tourists, including many children, participated in the initiative, which was part of the New Year 2020 events curated by “F-Light”, the Florence Light Festival promoted by the Municipality of Florence and organized by MUS.E. The Mayor Dario Nardella also took part in the elections with his family, entering the voting booth and returning the duly signed ballot. Even the Councilor for Culture Tommaso Sacchi chose his wish, fully satisfied with the convinced participation of the “voters”.

The counting of the ballots took place in recent days. No words or drawings in bad taste were found, as the organizers are keen to point out. Just a few white cards. A sign that the election was taken seriously. 141 have elected as “wish of the year”: more time, more passions. In second place with 128 votes, the couple with more care and respect was chosen. In third with 107 votes, less waste, more well-being. How should the choice be interpreted? Do the voters tell us that time is missing in such a fast and hectic era? Does more time mean giving more space to passions, to one’s interests and affections? Are we full of things to do and feel we have wasted time? The outcome of the vote gives space to multiple considerations and interpretations. The desire of the year will be the subject of a special project curated by the Museo Novecento.

Among the people who decided to express their “ambition” for the year that has just begun at the Museo Novecento, preferences were distributed in a varied but highly interesting way. After More time, more passions, the proposals that collected the highest number of votes were More care, more respect (128 votes), followed by Less waste, more well-being (107) and More solidarity, more inclusion (106). Then follow More work, more serenity (97), Less violence, more trust (96), More beauty, more happiness (85), More ideas, more creativity (73), Less inequality, more security (61), More politics, more democracy (28).