Nanni Balestrini, Colonne Verbali

15 giugno - 23 ottobre 2016

Inauguration of the artistic project by Nanni Balestrini, realized by MUS.E in collaboration with BONOTTOEDITIONS, art management by Valentina Gensini

A poet, writer and visual artist, since the sixties Nanni Balestrini participated in the most radical movements of European literary and artistic avant-garde, experimenting with the possible relationships linking words, texts and images. For the city of Florence Balestrini realized Colonne Verbali, a site-specific art project for the Renaissance loggia of the Leopoldine complex.

Once again Nanni Balestrini deals with the exquisite medium of tapestry in a conceptual work of art. Nine monumental tapestries realized by following the artist’s drawing thanks to the manufacturing competence of BONOTTOEDITIONS will cover up the columns of the loggia of the Museo Novecento starting off an interesting dialogue between the architecture, the Basilica and piazza Santa Maria Novella. In Colonne Verbali by Nanni Balestrini words, the basic element of grammar and of verbal and visual communication, create an analogy with the columns, the basic element of architecture.

In addition to the public installation happening on the external loggia, two touchable tapestries will be arranged in the cloister of the Leopoldine, referring to the display, within the museum, of the historical work La dulze vita, donated by Nanni Balestrini to the city of Florence. The work, a collage dated 1962, bears testimony to the first experimentations of the artist and enriches the permanent inter-disciplinary room dedicated to the sixties with another great name.

The project, realized by MUS.E in partnership with BONOTTOEDITIONS, is part of the initiatives promoted by the Comune of Florence within the Estate Fiorentina 2016 and is part of the Secret Florence program in collaboration with Pitti Immagine.

Colonne Verbali will be on display from June 15th to October 23rd, 2016.

Nanni Balestrini was part of the “Novissimi” poets and of “Gruppo 63”. In 1961 he was the first to realize a poem with a computer. He is the author of the cycle of poems about the Signorina Richmond and of the trilogy titled La Grande Rivolta (Vogliamo tutto, Gli invisibili e l’Editore) on the struggle of the movement in the seventies, and of the electronic multiple novel Tristano. He recently published Caosmogonia (poetry, lo Specchio Mondadori), Antologica, poesie 1958-2010 (Oscar Mondadori) and the novel Carbonia. Eravamo tutti comunisti (Bompiani). In parallel with his literary production he developed an intense research in the visual field, documented in Con gli occhi del linguaggio. His works are on display in a number of galleries and museums in Italy and abroad and he participated in international exhibits and festivals among which the Biennale of Venice and Documenta, Kassel.

BONOTTOEDITIONS is a conceptual and visual experiment, focusing on tangible and intangible rarity, offering extra-ordinary, unusual and lavish objects. Fabric becomes the vantage point from which to read the codes of contemporary ingenuity and creativity. A manufacturing example, focusing on manual expertise against industrial standardisation and series production and exalting the singularity and uniqueness of the product. BONOTTOEDITIONS offers its artisanal know-how and its wonderful productive capacity to translate the artist’s thoughts into fabric.

The nine tapestries, realized thanks to a complicated weaving technique and by using different materials, represent the nine graphic works by the artist: a series of broken words, that freely interact and get mixed up in several combinations.

Giovanni Bonotto was Umberto Eco’s pupil at Dams in Bologna. He learnt the job working in Nagoya with the Japanese weaving masters and living with Patagonia breeders. He currently manages with his brother Lorenzo the Bonotto Spa, a manufacture with a vertical productive cycle that includes about 200 master artisans. He promotes a new way of doing business he called “Fabbrica Lenta”, that made him won the Masi prize for business.

Cristiano Seganfreddo is a cultural producer and a dandy creative entrepreneur that faces the themes of contemporary art/fashion/culture with highly innovative projects and actions. An editor for many Italian magazines and newspapers, he created and directs the Premio Gaetano Marzotto and is the President of Agenzia del Contemporaneo, Vice President of Intertrade Group and, together with his brothers Lorenzo and Giovanni Bonotto he created BONOTTOEDITIONS, a brand he manages as art director.


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