The Sculptor’s Drawings

21 aprile 2018 – 12 luglio 2018

The Sculptor’s Drawings

the exhibition is the first in a series of exhibitions focussing on drawing as creative expression, the ‘father and mother of all the arts’

The Museo Novecento is launching a plurennial exhibition project based on drawing as it relates to other disciplines in the arts and sciences. On occasion of the first show, The Sculptor’s Drawings– in the museum’s ground-floor rooms, now transformed into new exhibition spaces – we will be seeing graphic works by Adolfo Wildt, Jacques Lipchitz, David Smith, Louise Bourgeois, Luciano Fabro, Rebecca Horn and Rachel Whiteread, alternations of figuration and abstraction, studies of the body and enquiries into spatial relationships, sketches and projects.

Drawings from the early years of the 20th century through our day provide an overview of artistic creativity in the sculptor’s ‘home’ and in different eras: from the ‘symbolist’ essays of Adolfo Wildt (Milan, 1868-1931), master to Fontana and Melotti, to the Cubist experiments by Jacques Lipchitz (Druskininkai, Lithuania, 1891 – Capri, 1973); from the signic-gestural inventions of David Smith (Decatur IN, 1906 – Bennington VT, 1965), the leading sculptor of the generation of Abstract Expressionism, to preparatory drawings by Raquel Whiteread (Ilford, UK, 1963), the young heir to the great Anglo-Saxon plastic tradition, for whom ‘drawings are a diary of my work’.

Completing the exhibition are drawings by Louise Bourgeois(Paris, 1911 – New York, 2010), whose graphic verve set down on paper the psychoses and obsessions that also manifest in her sculpture; others, private and poetical, by Luciano Fabro (Turin, 1936 – Milan, 2007), for whom drawing was gymnastics of the hand and the mind, of touch and vision; others yet by Rebecca Horn (Michelstadt, Hesse, Germany, 1944), always obsessed by drawing interpreted as an immediate, free manifestation of art. In some instances, the graphic works will be shown alongside sculptures and documentary materials (films and documentaries on each of the seven artists) to place the drawings in context – both in relation to the single sculptors’ research and practice and within a broader framework of reflection on the artistic process and the relationship between invention and execution.

The Sculptor’s Drawingsthus proposes to analyse and call back into play the foundations and the models of the artistic experience and, more in general, of modern and contemporary visual cultures, presenting signs, designs and drawings, sketches and drafts from the early 1900s through contemporary times.Research, analysis and study of the images are the pillars supporting this exhibition project, which in this first phase will concentrate on sculptors from different generations and cultures but which as it develops will alternate monographic focuses with additional samplings and above all with new incursions into the fields of painting and architecture, science and literature.

Exhibition project conceived by Sergio Risaliti
Curated by Eva Francioli, Francesca Neri, Stefania Rispoli