22 May 2015

Tuscany ‘900: 13 June – 31 December 2015

Toscana ‘900 is a project entirely dedicated to the art of the twentieth century in Tuscany: exhibitions and events but also a guide and a multimedia application to tell, through a thousand voices, the history of a region and a century.

Over 100 museums, 14 main events and 18 collateral events aimed at a single enhancement initiative that involves the places of the twentieth century in Tuscany.

And also 22 leading museums in 22 municipalities of Tuscany all united by shared openings on Saturdays and Sundays; and by a Pass which gives the right to concessions and gratuities in the locations involved. In the museum Pass network but also affiliated accommodation facilities, guided tours and educational activities, workshops and territorial itineraries and a rich series of collateral events.

IThe nominative pass will be distributed between 13 June 2015 and 31 December 2015. It will be delivered together with the admission ticket of each museum involved in the project and will subsequently allow reduced or free admission to the venues to be visited and to the events that are part of the review.

Those who show up at one of the museums involved already in possession of the Pass will be granted the facilities provided, including reduced and / or free admissions, participation in activities and discounts on event tickets.

There are also agreements with ACI and TCI (by presenting the membership card) and with Unicoop (the pass can be cut from the catalog for purchases).

At the Museo Novecento Pass holders have reduced admission € 4.00 and can, upon reservation, take part in a free guided tour on Saturday afternoon at 4.30 pm.

For information and reservations: Tel. 055-2768224 055-2768558 Mail info@muse.comune.fi.it

The Museo Novecento is one of the promoters of the initiative.

Tuscany ‘900:

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