18 Sep 2018 – 13 Dec 2018

The Wall – Other Spaces

Curated by

Robert Pettena and Sergio Risaliti

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18September 2018


13December 2018

Museo Novecento

The Wall. Other Spaces, this is the title chosen by the artist-teacher Robert Pettena for the exhibition project that kicks off on 18 September (until 13 December 2018) is a work created by the Museo Novecento in collaboration with the Department of Economic Development and tourism of the Municipality of Florence and with the Academy of Fine Arts which focuses attention on the reality of via Palazzuolo.

Exhibition Hours

Winter Hours

Monday – Sunday

11:00 am

8:00 pm


The second appointment with The Wall, an original exhibition format, conceived by the artistic director Sergio Risaliti, which proposes the synthesis and visual processing typical of infographics and offers the viewer a figurative scheme, rich in information and interconnected suggestions, developed graphically along the wall.

Via Palazzuolo is almost a “non-place” in the historic center of Florence, parallel to Borgo Ognissanti and via della Scala, full of small businesses ranging from crafts to public establishments. The development of its activities finds it difficult to emerge, partly due to its urban layout and partly due to the continuous episodes of petty crime that occur near night clubs. Over time the street has gradually emptied, to give way to new businesses mainly managed by non-EU citizens.

The project wants to open the way to the “citizens of the world” with artistic activities that encourage a dialogue between the different neighborhood realities according to new synergies, sensitive and attentive to the socio-cultural diversities that have arisen over the years. A laboratory centered on tolerance-exchange and on the discovery of forgotten places. Spaces to be reactivated taking as an example the experiences of the 9999 group, founder of Space Electronic.

The meeting between Sergio Risaliti, artistic director of the Museo Novecento, the Councilor for Economic Development and Tourism of the Municipality of Florence Cecilia del Re and the Director of the Academy of Fine Arts of Florence Claudio Rocca allowed to implement a strategy of reports aimed at investigating the different facets that have arisen in a small street, often mentioned in the newspapers only for reasons of safety and social coexistence.

After a few meetings with the residents and operators of Via Palazzuolo, we proposed to find solutions that would restore dignity and visibility to the activities present in this street which in itself has its own vivacity and multiform presence – explained Robert Pettena – Some read this presence , which in recent years has taken on a multi-ethnic composition, as a problem: the theme of cultural integration, the theme of ethnic diversity, etc., open to reflections on scenarios that we will soon have on the whole national territory and in particular on a city like Florence with a strong tourist vocation. It is a question of giving a new vision and creating elements that semantically shift this type of reading and that are therefore able to propose new elements, starting from a militant artistic activity, exercised by our young artists”.


Antoliana Palmisano

Matteo Coluccia

Leonardo Bastiani

Zoya Shokoohi

Giulia Spugnoli

Dalila Doro

Silvia Cogotzi

Stefano Giuri

Luca Puri

Francesca Lo Russo

Lori Lako

Jessica Guerzoni

Davood Madadpoor

Silvia Coppola

Valentina De Florio

Davide D’Amelio

Michela Massei

Leonardo Meoni

Emanuela Cavallaro

Curated by

Robert Pettena

Sergio Risaliti

In collaboration with

Assessorato allo sviluppo economico e al turismo

Comune di Firenze

Accademia di Belle Arti di Firenze