3 Jul 2018 – 6 Sep 2018

Paradigma. The Architect’s Table Gianluca Peluffo & partners

Curated by

Laura Andreini

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3July 2018


6September 2018

Museo Novecento

The materials exhibited at the twentieth century museum concern the foundation of a city – “Mount Galala” near Sokhna, on the Red Sea and its new mosque, both commissioned by the Egyptian company Tatweer Misr. The project of Mount Galala was awarded the Dubai cityscape award in 2016 as the best masterplan in the Middle East area. The latter is characterized by a decisive role of the architectural language, which immediately defines the relationship with the place both in genealogical terms and in regards to possible futures. Finally, the third project concerns the El Alamein Battle Museum located on the Mediterranean coast, commissioned by the Ministry of Housing and New Urban Communities of Egypt.

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Monday – Sunday

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The second appointment of the cycle Paradigma. The architect’s table is starting at the Museo Novecento, a project conceived by Sergio Risaliti curated by Laura Andreini which from 3 July to 6 September 2018 hosts the works of Gianlucapeluffo & partners, showing three projects that the studio is carrying out in Egypt.

The three projects want to express, in their realization and representation, at different scales in the urban, architectural and monumental field, the design method of an Italian studio which, on the basis of a solid awareness of cultural belonging, is therefore able to propose itself as creative interlocutor in the definition of a “genealogical stra-language” declares Gianluca Peluffo. “The latter is invented specifically for the social condition and the place, but always within the so-called” Duty of Contemporaneity”.

The “architect’s tables” will be the places for the synthesis and interpretation of the three projects, through a sort of “Petri dish” made of images, spirit and material of the construction. The exhibition develops in a dialogue between the photos of Ernesta Caviola, the artistic intervention of Adriano Bocca and the terracotta model by Danilo Trogu with the technical and evocative drawings of the three projects.


Gianluca Peluffo & Partners was born in the summer of 2017 in Albissola Marina, a town on the western Ligurian Riviera, in the studio that belonged to Lucio Fontana. Its founder Gianluca Peluffo has established himself in the international panorama of architecture for his creative activity and architectural construction carried out since 1995 within 5 + 1AA, of which he was co-founder immediately after graduating in Architecture. at the University of Genoa. In over twenty years of professional partnership, Gianluca Peluffo and 5 + 1AA have left distinctive marks of their projects and interventions in the urban landscape of cities such as Milan, Rome, Turin, Venice, Florence, Genoa, Savona, Palermo, Tangier, Algiers, Istanbul, Marseille and Cairo. The brilliance, rigor and originality of this activity has earned numerous national and international awards, including the Philippe Rotthier European Architecture Award, The Chicago Athenaeum award, the AIT Awards, the Silver Lion at the Biennale. of Venice (for the new Palazzo del Cinema), the LEAF Award, the ULI Global Award for Excellence, the Ceramics of Italy and The Plan award. Characteristics of Gianluca Peluffo & Partners are the firm belief that architecture can change the world, that happiness is the purpose of the architectural work and that every building, whatever its function or client, has a public role and meaning.
Gianluca Peluffo & Partners belongs to the genealogy of their time, a strong belonging that allows dialogue and interaction with every culture. Gianluca Peluffo is Meritorious of the Arts of the Ministry of Cultural Heritage.

Studio Fontana

Gianluca Peluffo and his collaborators brought the breath of making and architecture to the laboratory overlooking Pozzo Garitta, in the historic center of Albissola Marina (Savona), which after the war hosted the studio of Lucio Fontana, artist painter, for about twenty years. ceramist, mosaicist, sculptor and founder of the Space Movement. It is the architect Peluffo himself who explains the reason for a location so full of memory and symbolic meanings for his new studio: “I received this space in the custody of a dear friend of mine, the artist Adriano Bocca, who is alive and kicking me side by side in this new adventure. Adriano paid me this honor to revive the creative history of the village, enriching it with the new discipline of architecture. It is with emotion that I accepted this mission and it is with humility that I intend to honor it ”. And it is precisely in Albissola Marina, a town that boasts an ancient tradition in the processing of ceramics that the architect Peluffo realizes with Danilo Trogu the scale models of his projects that will be realized around the world.