14 Feb 2019 – 28 May 2019

Ora et Labora – Fragments of a love speech

Curated by

Gaspare Luigi Marcone

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14February 2019


28May 2019

Museo Novecento

The site-specific installation by David Reimondo, curated by Gaspare Luigi Marcone, the first appointment in the Ora et Labora cycle, conceived by Sergio Risaliti, which invites a contemporary artist to develop a work for the museum’s loggia.

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Monday – Sunday

09:00 am

7:00 pm


The installation Fragments of a loving discourse (on display until May 28) is a site-specific work for the loggia of the Novecento Museum consisting of a metal mesh with about 11 thousand LEDs; the “grid”, large (1.30 × 20 meters approximately), is assembled and welded in a traditional way while the LEDs carry a message aimed at current events. On this “big screen” the “fragments” of the new “symbols” elaborated by Reimondo aggregate and disintegrate.

In this case, Reimondo has made a reflection on the famous writing by Roland Barthes Fragments of an amorous discourse. The French intellectual, with his theories on language and signification, has become a point of reference for semiology and literary criticism involving other sciences such as psychoanalysis and sociology.

In fact, the artist, evoking some sections of Barthes’s volume, created video footage using natural seeds which, arranged to create a “symbol” of his, were then broken up by the breath of air from a compressor. These shots were transferred to a digital file in order to see the “moving images” projected on the LED network. Basically on this screen the symbols of “embrace”, “heart” or “magic” are rhythmically composed and disintegrated with a movement that starts from the “heart” of the installation towards its sides with a continuous rhythm of opening and closing.

The “natural seeds” coexist with the “artificial seeds” that is the LEDs; these fragments fully define the artist’s symbols only if the work is viewed from afar while, approaching, a light mosaic of metal and almost indecipherable lights emerges. In an era in which technology is associated with the production of “flawless” industrial and serial design objects, the artist has instead chosen craftsmanship, given by a meticulous manual work that remains imperfect with some traces of randomness.