27 Sep 2019 – 13 Feb 2020

Ora Et Labora – From here everything is fine. Rebecca Moccia

Curated by

Sergio Risaliti

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27September 2019


13February 2020

Museo Novecento

A new project animates the loggia on the first floor of the Museo Novecento, a place originally intended for reading, meditation and silent confrontation and today the vital space of the ora et labora section, open to reflection on the language and value of writing in the visual arts in where young contemporary artists are called, from time to time, to confront the architecture of the museum and the urban fabric in which it is located.

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From 27 September to 13 February 2020, the site-specific installation by Rebecca Moccia (Naples, 1992) entitledFrom here everything is fine”, curated by Sergio Risaliti and in collaboration with the Mazzoleni Gallery (London – Turin), will be displayed in the Loggiato of the Museo Novecento,

With refined irony, the artist reflects on the history of the monumental complex of the Ex Leopoldine which, after hosting the sick and beggars for centuries, was converted into a place of hospitality and education for poor young girls, before being returned to the community as a school and finally, as a museum of modern and contemporary art. In a building with a strong social vocation, Rebecca Moccia’s work calls into question our belonging to this space and to this time, making us oscillate between the brutal confrontation with a fictitious reality and the delicate suspension of our transience.

The artist’s intervention involves the use of blue back paper: attached to the back, the paper leaves the part usually reserved for the image hidden from view. The sheets are torn with a cutter, recalling the shadow of the foliage and the architectural elements of the loggia. These negative shadows trace the light of dawn on the day of the opening of the exhibition (September 26), calculated through the use of lighting software.

The card overlaps, partially covering the pairs of male and female synonyms painted on the wall, taken from the series Un Linguaggio Inaudito (2013-2018). To complete the installation, four speakers continuously broadcast news and current affairs debates in Italian and English.


Rebecca Moccia

1992, Naples

Curated by

Sergio Risaliti

Coordination and Organization

Eva Francioli