4 January 2015

The Domenica del Fiorentino becomes #DomenicalMuseo

The Municipality of Florence has resolved, starting from January 2015, to align the free openings of the Florentine Civic Museums (Palazzo Vecchio Museum, Novecento Museum, Stefano Bardini Museum, Brancacci Chapel, Salvatore Romano Foundation and S. Maria Novella Museum) with the provisions of ministerial decree n.94 of 27 June 2014, with which all State Museums are open and free on the first Sunday of the month.

Therefore, the “Domenica del Fiorentino” (which provided free admission every second Sunday of the month for all those born and residing in Florence and its province) joins the “Domenica al Museo”: every first Sunday of the month all museums, Civici and Statali di Firenze, will be open to everyone at no cost.

For the first day of free admission, Sunday 4 January, there are no guided tours and cultural activities: reservations are not required for simple entrances to museums.
The Mus.e Association, which deals with the proposals and activities in the Civic Museums, will renew its offer of initiatives from Sunday 1 February.