4 April 2022

“Impossible Interviews”: the artists of the twentieth century come to life in the podcasts of MUS.E

A new podcast series:
six “Impossible Interviews” with as many artists of the twentieth century
whose works are kept at the Museo Novecento in Florence
From Gino Severini to Severo Pozzati, from Arturo Martini to Renato Paresce
up to Giorgio De Chirico and Filippo De Pisis

The first episode available for free on the main listening platforms starting from April 1st

Gino Severini, Severo Pozzati, Arturo Martini, and then again Renato Paresce, Giorgio De Chirico and Filippo De Pisis. What a thrill it would be to enter the life of these great artists of the twentieth century, get to know them, interview them, listen to anecdotes and stories from their hands. For those who frequent the halls of museums, wanting to get to know the authors of a drawing, a painting or a sculpture better is a common feeling. Observing a work, admiring it, studying it, the desire to know something more about its author is natural and understandable: not only to better understand the context, the techniques and the reasons that led to its creation but also and above all to bring back that artifact – which so amazes us – to a human existence.

It is with this spirit that the entire impossible views at the Museo Novecento were born thanks to the design of the cultural mediation of Mus.e. Now starts the new series of podcasts, interviews dedicated to some Italian artists of the twentieth century present in the museum’s civic collections. After the success of Musei da Favola – a series of fairy tales set in Florentine museums that has seen over 6 thousand downloads – he imagined meeting some artists of the Italian twentieth century and asking them for curiosities and stories about their artistic practice and beyond.

Six fantastic, dense, ironic dialogues – available for free on Spotify, Spreaker, Google Podcast and on all the main listening platforms – with as many figures of Italian art of the twentieth century: we begin on April 1st with the episode dedicated to Gino Severini, of which the museum houses a splendid work on paper, “The window with the pigeons”. It continues, on a monthly basis, with Severo Pozzati, Arturo Martini, then again with Renato Paresce, Giorgio De Chirico and finally the “Marquis painter” Filippo De Pisis, to whom the retrospective “The illusion of superficiality” is also dedicated, in course at the Museo Novecento curated by Lucia Mannini and Sergio Risaliti (until 7 September 2022).

The interviews, written by Marco Salvucci and interpreted by Tommaso Palazzini, find their sources in the writings of the artists themselves, in their autobiographies, in their letters, in their memories and in their thoughts, more or less organized in literary form but always invaluable for to be able to delve into the folds of their life and their work.

If the execution of a work of art remains, despite everything, a profound and elusive act, to bring that artistic act back to a human being in flesh and blood, with its strengths and weaknesses, with its difficulties, his successes, his connections, brings us closer, so to speak, to his being a miracle. And when you get to know the artists better – as happens listening to the “Impossible Interviews” – here they really seem to come to life, be they ancient or modern, famous or neglected, affable or grumpy, canonical or subversive: Giorgio already knew something about it. Vasari in the mid-sixteenth century, who dedicated his monumental work to the lives of artists – from the Middle Ages to his time – without neglecting notes of life, character, customs or curiosity.

The new podcasts are made thanks to the precious support of GIOTTO – love brand of F.I.L.A. Italian Lapis and Affini Factory, Officina Profumo Farmaceutica Santa Maria Novella, Unicoop Firenze and Tenderly, brand of Lucart Spa.