13 April 2015

Innovecento: notice for companies specializing in technology and innovation

The Municipality of Florence calls on companies and professionals to propose ideas and solutions based on ICT (Information and Communication Technologies) and experiment with them in the Museo Novecento.

The Museo Novecento, opened on 24 June 2014 in Piazza Santa Maria Novella, already offers technological methods for visits and in-depth studies. This innovative vocation is strengthened today, with the contribution of specialists in the sector, many of whom are continuously developing new proposals related to culture and museums: they will now have the opportunity to experience them directly in the evocative setting of the Museo Novecento, an architectural jewel that has re-emerged thanks to the recovery of the former Leopoldine complex.

Innovative software, such as applications for augmented visits to the Museo del Novecento based on sensors or wearable systems, or systems of interaction, even tactile, between physical and real objects and digital content, such as 3D prints or smart objects: these are just a few examples of what can be tested to promote the advanced use of cultural heritage. The experiments will be free of charge, but the occasion is tempting both for the museum and for potential technological partners in terms of mutual visibility and shared planning.