16 December 2019

Grazia Toderi, Novecento Lunare, Three Artist trees and Lucciole for Lanterne: Museo Novecento projects at Moon F-light

The lighting of the trees in Piazza Santa Maria Novella and in Piazza SS. Annunziata, respectively entrusted to Mimmo Paladino and Domenico Bianchi Marco (I Mark) by Grazia Toderi, Novecento Lunare, Three Artist trees and Lucciole per Lanterne are the Museo Novecento projects as part of “Moon F-light”, the 2019 edition of F-light festival, promoted by the Municipality of Florence and organized by MUS.E with the artistic direction of Sergio Risaliti, this year inspired by the fiftieth anniversary of the moon landing.Two Museo Novecento projects hosted in Palazzo Vecchio, both conceived and curated by Sergio Risaliti and organized by MUS.E.

Marco (I Mark) by Grazia Toderi is a new production designed for the Sala d’Armi where it will be visible until January 6. Seven video projections are part of it, in continuity with the geographical maps preserved in Palazzo della Signoria. Seven is a special number: it connects man with astronomy and cosmology, makes us think of Genesis, the seven continents, the seven metals, the days of the week. It reminds us how in space and on earth everything is connected: daily life, destiny, cosmic rules, musical structures.

Palazzo Vecchio until January 15, (Sala dei Gigli), the conquest of space and the moon landing are evoked through a selection of works by Italian artists who, directly or not, are inspired by the Moon and its orbit, its rough surface, with constellations, major planets and celestial phenomena. Among these, a Spatial Concept of 1961 by Lucio Fontana, La cometa, of 1978, by Fausto Melotti, Reflection of the sky, of 1989, by Eliseo Mattiacci and Lunar Surface, of 1971, by Giulio Turcato.

Three Artist trees is a Museo Novecento project, conceived and curated by Sergio Risaliti, organized by MUS.E. Three Florentine squares that welcome three artists, real site specific works, built on the basis of a common shape, a geometric structure 18 meters high, crowned by a comet. After the lighting of Michelangelo Pistoletto’s work in Piazza della Repubblica on 8 December, tomorrow Saturday 14 December the works will start in Piazza Santa Maria Novella (at 7.00 pm) and in Piazza SS. Annunziata (at 6.00 pm), entrusted respectively to Mimmo Paladino and Domenico Bianchi. Paladino’s tree, in front of the Museo Novecento, will feature a sequence of numbers made of luminous neon.

Una tombola per Firenze, the title wanted by Paladino for this work, alludes to the tradition of one of the most popular games around which families and communities gather during the Christmas holidays: the tombola, otherwise called Smorfia or Neapolitan Cabala. But the numbers are also associated with the days on the calendar, with those of life.

In Piazza SS. Annunziata, Domenico Bianchi’s work is made up of signs that are repeated and that create an apparent movement, spatial and temporal, placing themselves in direct relationship with cosmology. On its surface, full and empty spaces will be drawn that will play on the transparencies, letting the light escape from inside.

Finally, inside the Museo Novecento, linked to the theme of Moon F-light is the exhibition Lucciole per Lanterne by Wang Yuyang, curated by Lorenzo Bruni. With three pictorial cycles and two light installations, it is the first European solo exhibition of the Chinese artist and an important stage in his artistic research linked to a reflection on how the means of technical reproduction, both analog and digital, influence the perception of daily life, collective memory and the role of art. The Moon paintings stand out, a faithful copy of the images produced by space agencies.