27 Sep 2016

Distant voices, sister voices. Young poems a century

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27September 2016



Museo Novecento

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Tuesday 27 September at 5.00pm

Distant voices, sister voices. Young poems a century

As part of the project to approach modern poetry Why poets in times of poverty? with texts by Guillaume Apollinaire, Robert Frost, Vladimir Majakowskij, Giuseppe Ungaretti, W. B. Yeats. Curated by Laboratorio Nuova Buonarroti.

The multi-voice reading is part of the project to approach modern poetry Why poets in times of poverty? During the meeting will be presented poems written around 1916, a particularly significant year for the poetic production as well as for the historical scenario, marked first of all by the continuation of the war, with the full unfolding of its destructive power and the profound social transformations induced by it. The aim is to highlight, also with the help of audiovisual tools, the value and relevance of those texts.

The poems will be read by students of secondary or university level, interested in the project to promote the reading of modern poetry conducted for some years by the association Laboratorio Nuova Buonarroti, in agreement with the Directorate of Municipal Libraries and in collaboration with many high schools in the city. The event is the result of a preparatory course dedicated to the understanding and diction of the texts.  

The cultural association Laboratorio Nuova Buonarroti, founded in 1998, is aimed at the promotion and dissemination of culture and innovative cultural proposal. In the course of his work he has organized working groups in the fields of literature, philosophy and reflection on the problems of the city, with particular regard to cultural policies; he has proposed cycles of conferences on the subject mainly literary and philosophical (the “Incontri di Quinto Alto”); has organized conferences and literary events of international importance (the Poetry Festival “Voci lontane, voci sorelle”, now in its fourteenth edition); has proposed educational activities, aimed at education to the reading of poetry (first of all, since 2008, the annual paths “Why poets in times of poverty?” ); has organized photographic exhibitions and promoted publishing initiatives.

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