26 Jun 2017

Vittorio Giorgini and «Quadrante»

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26June 2017



Museo Novecento

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Connection with Lara Vinca Masini

Speakers: Cristina Degl’Innocenti, Marco Del Francia, Valentina Gensini, Silvia Moretti.

On the occasion of the exhibition VITTORIO GIORGINI Architect (1926-2010). A project for art / “Quadrante” (1961 – 1964), which proposes a re-edition within the Museo Novecento of the setting up of one of the most significant art galleries on the Florentine scene of the 1960s, the museum offers a in-depth study on the figure of Vittorio Giorgini.

Through the story of the relationships with artists, critics and intellectuals, the conference highlights his role as an innovator in the cultural landscape of the time. The avant-garde intervention in the heart of the Florentine historical fabric led Lara Vinca Masini to entitle an incisive and enlightening article in “Quadrante” in the tradition against tradition.

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