10 Feb 2021

Guided tours to discover the exhibition “Henry Moore. The sculptor’s drawing “

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Two visits in small groups and in full compliance with safety regulations. Guided tours are scheduled for Wednesday 10 and Friday 12 February – by MUS.E – to the exhibition Henry Moore: The sculptor’s drawing in progress at the Museo Novecento in Florence until 18 July.

Visits, in small groups and in full compliance with safety regulations, are scheduled for Wednesday 10 and Friday 12 February at 2 pm, 3 pm and 4 pm.

Le visite, rivolte a giovani e adulti, hanno la finalità di avvicinare il pubblico alla The visits, aimed at young people and adults, aim to bring the public closer to the poetics and production of the English artist, one of the greatest sculptors of the short century. The exhibition dedicates specific attention to Moore’s graphic production, of great interest to deepen his exploratory investigation: “transformation drawings” capable of giving evidence of his continuous research and insights.

From etchings to drawings, these works show the public eye the skill and sensitivity of a sculptor capable of rendering, with the strokes and shades of charcoal or pen, chalks or pastels, not only three-dimensionality but also and above all the depth of the material: a living, primeval, organic material, which starts from the studies on the elephant skull given as a gift in 1968 and reaches very high points in the wonderful series of the artist’s hands, tree trunks, rocks and animals, in which Moore’s sign emerges in all its germinative and dynamic power; to then expand and deepen again in the landscapes, softened by the use of watercolors, renewed explorations – within an absolute mastery of lights, shadows and spaces – of the immensity of the sky, the earth and the sea.

The visits are offered as precious opportunities to feel with the eyes how much art can be a privileged tool for the life of all of us and allow you to appreciate not only the drawings but also the sculptures on display, essential and powerful forms centered on the infinite metamorphosis of nature and of the human figure, the results of Moore’s incessant investigation of natural elements and their mysteries. In addition, it will also be possible to visit the exhibition dedicated to Henry Moore and his relationship with Tuscany, which began in his youth and nurtured throughout the artist’s life.

All the activities and visits to the Florentine Civic Museums take place thanks to the precious support of American Express, di GIOTTO – love brand di F.I.L.A. Fabbrica Italiana Lapis ed Affini, Mukki, Officina Profumo Farmaceutica Santa Maria Novella, Unicoop Firenze e Tenderly, brand di Lucart Spa.