15 Mar 2020

Guided tours and workshops on the Allan Kaprow exhibition. I will always be a painter – of sorts

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11:00 – 20:00

On occasion of the exhibition: Allan Kaprow. I will always be a painter – of sorts, at Museo Novecento until next June 4, MUS.E offers a rich calendar of tours, activities and workshops to the public.

Multi-facedet and engaging artist, Kaprow (Atlantic City, 1927 – Encinitas, 2006) is universally known for his pioneeristic creations, which contributed to subvert art’s rules and its fruition. After a beginning in painting, developing Jackson Pollock’s stimuli, Allan Kaprow experiments the first Assemblages and Action-Collages to give birth between the late 50es and early 60es to actions placed in the space, fleeting in time and in need of active public participation, strongly connected to everyday life: the Environments ad Happenings.

From pictures to videos, passing through the great masterpieces, the exhibition tours will allow the public to grasp the unique features of the art and life of Allan Kaprow; furthermore, considering how fundamental for the artist was the active participation of the public, workshops will offer the opportunity to involve ourself in first person, taking part to some contemporary reenactment of his famous works: among these, the reenactment of Fluids- mean to compose an ephemeral iced monument- and Words – intrusive words in the space in dialogue with the society of word, but also a monumental Action-Collage in progress. To remember, with Kaprow, that art and life have never been so close.

– Guided tours and workshops are aimed to young and adults;

– Guided tours are scheduled on Saturday at 3p.m and 4.30p.m and on Sunday at 11a.m and 12.30a.m;

– Workshops are planned: Sunday, March 15 at 11a.m and 12.30a.m, Saturday, April 18 at 3p.m and 4.30p.m, Sunday, May 10 at 11a.m and 12.30a.m.

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